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Procedure : 2018/0140(COD)
Forløb i plenarforsamlingen
Dokumentforløb : A8-0060/2019

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PV 12/03/2019 - 9.5
CRE 12/03/2019 - 9.5

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Tirsdag den 12. marts 2019 - Strasbourg Revideret udgave

9.5. Elektronisk godstransportinformation (A8-0060/2019 - Claudia Schmidt) (afstemning)

– Before the vote:


  David Coburn (EFDD). – Madam President, I was most interested in this: if you can check freight with satellites, why is there a problem doing that with the border in Northern Ireland? Surely we do not need to have a hard border in Northern Ireland if we can do it by having satellites. So if it works for other parts of the world, why not Northern Ireland? Is it singularly unable to use satellites?

(The President cut off the speaker)


  President. – I am afraid, Mr Coburn, I don’t have the time to explain the ‘why’ of that just now because we are in the middle of votes, but I did hear your comment.

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