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 Full text 
Wednesday, 13 March 2019 - Strasbourg Revised edition

Preparation of the European Council meeting of 21 and 22 March 2019 and UK’s withdrawal from the EU (debate)

  Janice Atkinson (ENF). – Madam President, I apologise to the British people for the lies told by our politicians. Mr Tajani, an Italian, tells a German newspaper that the British people did not want Brexit. In the 2017 general election, 80% of our people, the British people, voted for parties to deliver Brexit. They lied.

Ms May said no deal is better than a bad deal. She then asked the UK parliament to vote on a bad deal. Tonight she will ask parliament to vote again, but this time for a no deal Brexit. She will vote against no deal. Tonight a Conservative Prime Minister, backed by Labour, will cancel Brexit. They lied to you. This is DINO: ‘democracy in name only’.

As for Messrs Tusk, Barnier and the rest of you, and the useful Leo Varadkar, there’s a special place in hell reserved for DINOs, and Ms May will be joining you too.

So I call on the British parliament, join me on 29 March in Parliament Square and, this time, let’s really take back control.

Last updated: 26 June 2019Legal notice