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 Full text 
Wednesday, 3 April 2019 - Brussels Revised edition

The UK’s withdrawal from the EU (debate)

  Jacqueline Foster, on behalf of the ECR Group. – Madam President, I’ll begin with a message to my friends and my colleagues in Westminster. I too am a Conservative, and we were not elected for our charm and our intellect. We are elected because we have the word ‘Conservative’ stamped next to our name. And to those remainers, who have done everything to overturn the result and have now left our party, I say: ‘bye bye’.

Power brings responsibility, and we can’t always have everything we want. Conscience and principles are a luxury we can’t always afford and are normally found on the benches opposite. Tough times demand tough choices, and that takes real courage. Regrettably, Mr Corbyn has been the problem and not the solution. He despises us and will do anything to gain power. He won’t argue with me on that. He’s already ditched free movement in an indicative vote, so I’m not holding my breath. But I live in hope. And to my loyal friends, the Unionists, I say: ‘He is not your friend’.

The Withdrawal Agreement is still on the table, and I truly believe it is the solution. So Messrs Barnier, Juncker and Tusk: a tweak could have been quite helpful. No more than a paragraph could have perhaps resolved the issue. But now, again, we’re having to ask for your patience so we can find a way forward.

Finally, this is not a game. The British people are demanding that we deliver on Brexit, not hold a European election. I think that’s a relief to colleagues in this House. So for goodness sake, I say to my colleagues in London, support the Prime Minister’s deal. It is truly the only way forward. The clock is ticking. Tick-tock.

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