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 Full text 
Tuesday, 16 April 2019 - Strasbourg Provisional edition

Transparent and predictable working conditions in the European Union (debate)

  Jean Lambert, on behalf of the Verts/ALE Group. – Madam President, like some of the other speakers, my group feels that this has been a real missed opportunity to fully modernise the Written Statement Directive. Of course we can welcome measures such as the increased and better information contract at an earlier point, the compensation for cancelled on—demand work, but we do have problems about the definition of ‘worker’ and that the variants with the different Member States means that we’re undermining a certainty there. We also have grave problems in accepting the right of Member States to cover fewer workers in terms of the scope, not least the exemptions as has just been referred to, for example in the public services, emergency services, loopholes round household workers, when at the same time we are also urging Member States to invest in good public services as a key component of social Europe, and I’m not sure how this also works for workers who work multiple jobs, all on short—hours contracts. So we think, as others have said, that Council here could have followed the European Parliament, it could have followed the Commission, on putting in real strong, sound substance to help build social Europe, but what Council has given with one hand it has taken away with another.

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