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Procedura : 2018/0113(COD)
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Ciclo del documento : A8-0422/2018

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PV 17/04/2019 - 21
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Giovedì 18 aprile 2019 - Strasburgo Edizione rivista

11.3. Uso di strumenti e processi digitali nel diritto societario (A8-0422/2018 - Tadeusz Zwiefka)
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  Rupert Matthews (ECR). – Mr President, thank you for calling me to speak on this issue. I think this is very important. It is absolutely crucial that companies that wish to trade across borders, and wish to do so on the Internet or wish to do so electronically, are free to do so without restriction and without people trying to stop international competition. In the publishing industry where I come from, we publish a lot of e-books. They are for sale in most countries; anybody can go and download them; the payments are then processed, and things can carry on. So this measure, which makes it easier for companies to set up remotely and to do trade on the Internet is important – particularly, I think, removing the necessity that some have to actually physically go to another country. The whole point of the Internet is that you can do it remotely.

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