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 Full text 
Wednesday, 18 September 2019 - Strasbourg Revised edition

The UK’s withdrawal from the EU (B9-0038/2019, B9-0039/2019)

  Martin Edward Daubney (NI). – Mr President, first of all like I’d like to say it’s wonderful to see a few of the British MEPs turning up for the vote earlier. Where were they for the entire debate? They were probably in the bar having croissants. The rest of it has been a blizzard of lies, smears, half-truths and blatant misrepresentations. And, as for the ludicrous assumption that Britain operates under a dictator, dictators don’t offer general elections, do they?

(Cheers from certain quarters)

And when they do offer general elections you do not accept them because you know that Corbyn and Labour will be obliterated across the Midlands, North and Wales, especially in Ashfield where I intend to stand and help destroy Jeremy Corbyn and the ruthless mess he’s left, where he has abandoned the working classes. Seventy percent of people in Ashfield, my local constituency, voted to leave. Corbyn doesn’t care about them, this House doesn’t care about the British voice. This Parliament does not understand the British people. It does not represent the British people and it will not stop 17.4 million voices from being heard. We’re leaving. Auf Wiedersehen. Bye. Au revoir.

(Applause from certain quarters)

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