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 Full text 
Thursday, 16 January 2020 - Strasbourg Provisional edition

Burundi, notably the freedom of expression

  Nathan Gill (NI). – Madam President, it seems a little rich to me that we are here, in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, debating freedom of expression in Burundi when actually, because of a rule made by this Parliament this week, I am not free to express myself by having my national flag here, on my desk. Are you really lecturing other nations about their freedom to express themselves, when you are repressing and denying our colleagues here the right to proudly display their national flags? What are you afraid of?

Yes, help others to improve their nations, but get your own house in order. We, the British, are leaving, we’re taking our flags with us, but stop being hypocrites and allow other MEP colleagues here to express themselves and their electorates, and their identity by having their national flags on their desks.

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