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Parliamentary questions
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18 February 2015
Joint answer given by Ms Bulc on behalf of the Commission
Written questions :E-010081/14 , E-010749/14 , P-010809/14
Question references: E-010081/2014, E-010749/2014, P-010809/2014

The decision of the German Government to introduce, as 22nd country in the EU, a minimum wage is fully in line with the social policy commitment of this Commission. However, the Commission is currently examining this law to the extent that it applies to all international transport operations, including transit, and to cabotage. To this end it is enquiring with the German authorities about the public interests pursued and the necessity of imposing the minimum wage in this regard, in particular on operations that do not imply loading or unloading in Germany. The Commission is also enquiring about the necessity of the enforcement mechanisms and administrative requirements associated to the minimum wage scheme. The conformity with the Union law, including the respect of the proportionality principle by the German law will in particular be assessed in order to make sure that it does not unduly restrict free movement of goods and freedom to provide services. Based on the assessment of the clarifications to be provided by the German authorities the Commission will decide on appropriate steps. The Commission will inform the Honourable Members of the outcome of this examination.

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