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Parliamentary questions
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6 February 2015
Question for written answer E-002042-15
to the Commission (Vice-President/High Representative)
Rule 130
Charles Tannock (ECR) , Petras Auštrevičius (ALDE) , Tunne Kelam (PPE) , Antanas Guoga (ALDE) , Urmas Paet (ALDE) , Mark Demesmaeker (ECR) , Sandra Kalniete (PPE) , Michael Gahler (PPE) , Karol Karski (ECR) , Zdzisław Krasnodębski (ECR) , Pavel Svoboda (PPE) , Johannes Cornelis van Baalen (ALDE) , Andrej Plenković (PPE) , Kaja Kallas (ALDE) , Michaela Šojdrová (PPE) , Marju Lauristin (S&D) , Tibor Szanyi (S&D) , Gabrielius Landsbergis (PPE)

 Subject:  VP/HR — Addition of the so-called ‘Donetsk People's Republic’ and ‘Lugansk People's Republic’ to the EU list of proscribed terrorist organisations
 Answer in writing 

The self-declared separatist ‘republics’ in eastern Ukraine are fighting the democratic and internationally recognised Government of Ukraine with manpower and military equipment supplied by Russia. Thanks to this assistance, they are operating a reign of terror against the people of the occupied region who do not share their aims or ideology. Thousands have been killed, with many more injured and displaced from their homes. The recent shelling of Mariupol has been confirmed by the OSCE as a deliberate act targeting civilian areas, and therefore constitutes a war crime under customary international law.

Adding these so-called ‘republics’ to the international terrorist list would not only be of symbolic value, naming them for what they are, but would also provide a legal basis for the argument that the Russian Government is aiding international terrorism, which is prohibited under UN conventions.

Will the Vice-President/High Representative raise this issue at the next Foreign Affairs Council, calling for the ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’ and the ‘Lugansk People’s Republic’ and/or their leaderships to be added to the EU list of proscribed terrorist organisations?

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