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Parliamentary questions
PDF 100kWORD 23k
22 May 2015
Question for written answer E-008344-15
to the Commission
Rule 130
Sophie Montel (NI) , Dominique Bilde (NI)

 Subject:  Importation of rabbit skins from China
 Answer in writing 

The volume of EU imports of angora furs and rabbit skins from China has been rising constantly over the past few years. It is a recognised fact that Chinese regulations governing fur farming do not meet either European animal-welfare or environmental standards. A large number of animal welfare groups have denounced the terrible conditions in which rabbits are farmed in China (angora rabbits are skinned alive, simply because it is quicker than shearing or depilation). These group’s actions and consumer pressure have had positive results, with some clothing brands choosing to stop using Chinese rabbit furs.

In light of these fully proven facts, will the Commission be adopting a regulation banning importation into the Union of angora furs and rabbit skins from China, as it has done in the case of dog and cat furs?

Original language of question: FR 
Legal notice