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27 May 2016
Joint answer given by Mr Avramopoulos on behalf of the Commission
Written questions: E-001089/16 , E-001101/16 , E-001128/16 , E-001088/16 , E-000962/16 , E-001069/16 , E-001087/16 , E-000980/16 , E-001068/16
Question references: E-000962/2016, E-000980/2016, E-001068/2016, E-001069/2016, E-001087/2016, E-001088/2016, E-001089/2016, E-001101/2016, E-001128/2016

The figure of 10 000 (estimated) missing refugee children gives rise to serious child protection concerns. The respective information is fragmented(1). The Commission has compiled the available data, estimates and information on missing unaccompanied children(2).

Protection measures for children in migration, including unaccompanied children, are set out in the Commission's Communication of 10 February 2016 on the State of play of implementation of the priority actions under the European Agenda on Migration, including its annex which outlines ongoing actions contributing to the protection of children in migration(3). The Commission with the responsible EU Agencies and concerned Member States are working to ensure that from the first stage in the hotspots, actual or potential victims of human trafficking are identified, made aware of their rights, and that the necessary cooperation takes place with the police and judicial authorities in order to ensure that traffickers are identified and prosecuted. The Commission will continue with focus on practical measures, in order to employ a comprehensive approach for the protection of children.

Member States have clear obligations under Directive 2011/36/EU to protect all victims of trafficking, with a focus on gender-specific and child-specific measures, and to prevent that the crime happens in the first place.

(1)http://ec.europa.eu/justice/fundamental-rights/files/missing_children_study_2013_en.pdf http://ec.europa.eu/justice/fundamental-rights/files/rights_child/data_children_in_migration.pdf
(3)COM(2016)0085 final, Annex 6.

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