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Parliamentary questions
PDF 195kWORD 16k
5 April 2017
Question for written answer E-002544-17
to the Commission (Vice-President/High Representative)
Rule 130
Andrea Bocskor (PPE) , Kinga Gál (PPE) , Norbert Erdős (PPE) , Csaba Sógor (PPE) , Andor Deli (PPE) , Ádám Kósa (PPE) , László Tőkés (PPE) , Iuliu Winkler (PPE) , György Hölvényi (PPE) , József Szájer (PPE)

 Subject:  VP/HR — Extremist marches in Ukraine
 Answer in writing 

On 18 March 2017, the extreme right-wing unit ‘Karpatska Sich’ organised a torchlight procession, similar to last year’s, which spread terror, in Uzhhorod, Ukraine, during which demonstrators marched through the town chanting anti-Hungarian and anti-EU slogans. The leader of the extreme right-wing organisation acknowledged in the media that the aim of the march was to reject the European Union and to Ukrainise ethnic Hungarians living in the countryside.

It is shocking that, in a town whose population partly consists of ethnic Hungarians, nationalist units are again marching, with slogans and behaviour injurious to non-Ukrainian people living in the region, and that a country which claims to aspire to join the EU is allowing scope for chauvinist organisations to gain in strength and express themselves in an uncontrolled manner, while moreover the forces of law and order regularly turn a blind eye to this.

After last year’s extremist nationalist march on 13 March 2016, I already drew the attention of the Commission and the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy to that event, which was intended to disrupt calm and which was contrary to fundamental points in the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement (cf. Written Question E-002408/2016). Federica Mogherini’s answer concerning last year’s event was that the issue would be followed up in the context of the EU-Ukraine Human Rights Dialogue and that any similar breaches of the law would be monitored carefully.

What practical steps has the VP/HR taken with regard to the above event?

Is it permissible for extremist paramilitary units to march in a country which claims to aspire to join the EU, organising a rally which spreads terror? If not, what will the Vice-President/High Representative do this time?

Original language of question: HU 
Legal notice