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Parliamentary questions
PDF 7kWORD 18k
2 February 2018
Joint answer given by President Juncker on behalf of the Commission
Written questions: E-006857/17 , E-006856/17 , E-006847/17 , E-006855/17
Question references: E-006847/2017, E-006855/2017, E-006856/2017, E-006857/2017

Paragraph 15 of the Guidelines for Brexit negotiations of the European Council of 29 April 2017 states that ‘while the future location of the seats of EU agencies and facilities located in the United Kingdom is a matter for the 27 Member States to settle rapidly, arrangements should be found to facilitate their transfer’(1).

In the margins of the European Council of 22 June 2017, the Heads of State or Government of 27 Member States endorsed the procedure leading up to a decision on the relocation of the European Medicines Agency and the European Banking Authority in the context of the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the Union(2).

This procedure set out six criteria for the interested Member States to address in their offer to host one or both of the Agencies. One of these criteria was the geographical spread of agencies' seats. The deadline for submitting offers expired on 31 July 2017(3). The Commission was invited to examine the submitted offers based on the six criteria agreed by the 27 Member States and to submit an assessment of the offers by 30 September 2017. On 30 September 2017, the Secretary-General of the Commission submitted its assessment of the offers to the Secretary-General of the Council(4).

On 12 October 2017, having considered that a correction to its assessment of the Romanian offer to host the European Medicines Agency was necessary as regards ‘access to free education’, the Secretary-General of the Commission published a corrigendum on the Europa website(5) and informed the Member States accordingly.

The assessment published by the Secretary-General of the Commission did not represent a legal condition for the decision taken on the new locations for the two Agencies. This decision was taken by the 27 Member States in the margins of the General Affairs Council (Article 50) meeting of 20 November 2017.

The Commission did not take part in this decision, nor did it have any other formal role in the decision-making process regarding the new locations for the two Agencies.

(3)For more information on the submitted offers: the website in footnote 2.

Last updated: 7 June 2018Legal notice