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Parliamentary questions
6 April 2018
Joint answer given by Mr Avramopoulos on behalf of the Commission
Written questions: E-000275/18 , E-000108/18
Question references: E-000108/2018, E-000275/2018

The Commission is aware of the concerns arising from the video #spot7'Jihad, produced by the Saffron project in the context of alternative-narrative campaign called #heartofdarkness.

As the Honourable Members rightly notice, at its origins, the #spot7'Jihad video was aimed as a pedagogical tool explaining the concept of jihad. The Commission has requested clarifications from the project owner on the content of the video, and enquired about possible steps deemed necessary to remove any doubt regarding the video's aim.

Following the Commission's questions, the Consortium implementing the project has taken actions to review the campaign (e.g. new consultations of the focus group and of the advisory board), which explains that the videos are no longer online for the time being.

The Commission will continue to engage with the project with the aim of eliminating any confusion relating to perceptions or interpretation of the #heartofdarkness campaign videos. The Commission will take necessary measures if, on examination of the final report and its deliverables, any contractual or other shortcoming is demonstrated.

The Commission follows EU co-funded projects in accordance with the terms of the grant agreement signed stipulating in particular that ownership (and content) of the project is vested in the beneficiaries.

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