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Parliamentary questions
PDF 108kWORD 20k
22 February 2018
Question for written answer E-001096-18
to the Commission
Rule 130
Kostas Chrysogonos (GUE/NGL)

 Subject:  Corruption in the health sector
 Answer in writing 

According to surveys, corruption in the crucial health sector, including the payment of bribes to healthcare staff, fraud, embezzlement, misuse of public funds intended for the supply of medicines and medical equipment, and interference in public procurement, is becoming a widespread problem in the EU(1). In Greece, for example, health is one of the sectors most beset by allegations of corruption and maladministration(2), while in Italy corruption in the health sector is estimated to be costing around EUR 6 billion annually(3). At the same time, the EU is failing to monitor the situation or earmark sufficient funding for investigation and countermeasures. This is compounded by a lack of transparency regarding fund management and a serious shortage of integrated and specialised databases considered necessary to identify corruption in the complex health sector and effectively strike at the roots of the problem(4).

In view of this:

1. Can the Commission say how it intends to address these problems effectively?
2. Will it give its support to in-depth corruption probes in the health sector by means of specific programmes, structures or other measures?
3. Will it take specific measures to enhance transparency regarding fund management in the health sector?

(1)http://apps.who.int/medicinedocs/documents/s22500en/s22500en.pdf ; https://ec.europa.eu/home-affairs/sites/homeaffairs/files/20170928_study_on_healthcare_corruption_en.pdf
(2)https://www.gedd.gr/article_data/Linked_files/157/02.SOEEEkthesi2015.pdf (σελ. 33 επ.); http://healthmag.gr/post/4524/xalkino-sth-diafthora-o-tomeas-ygeias-kataggelies-sto-10-8-toy-synoloy
(4)http://apps.who.int/medicinedocs/documents/s22500en/s22500en.pdf (σελ. 44)

Original language of question: EL 
Last updated: 6 March 2018Legal notice