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7 June 2018
Answer given by Mr Avramopoulos on behalf of the Commission
Question reference: E-001400/2018

The protection of children is a central priority in the EU's migration policy. EC law stipulates that administrative detention, including in the form of protective custody, should be used, as a last resort, in exceptional circumstances, only where strictly necessary, for the shortest time possible, and never in prison accommodation. The Commission has recently highlighted the ‘persistent lack of adequate shelters for unaccompanied minors on the islands and on the mainland. The Greek authorities should accelerate the process to set up, with EU financial support, 2 000 additional reception places […] across Greece. Child protection teams have been appointed and are being trained in all the hotspots in Greece.’(1) Therefore, national authorities must ensure that a viable range of alternatives to the administrative detention of children in migration is available and accessible. EU funds are available to support this objective.

According to information published by the Greek Asylum Service(2), 9 168 Dublin transfer requests were sent to other Member States on family reunification, dependency and humanitarian reasons grounds and 4 758 transfers took place in 2017, including transfers of unaccompanied minors, compared to 4 912 transfer requests and 962 transfers in 2016. The Commission continues to monitor the situation and has stressed the need for further enhancing the capacity of the Greek Asylum Service, including the Greek Dublin Unit, with a view to ensure the sustainability and improvement of operations.

As regards relocation from Greece, 21 999 persons, including 546 unaccompanied minors, were transferred from Greece to other Member States.

(1)Progress reports on the Implementation of the European Agenda on Migration, COM(2018) 250 final, 14.3.2018, COM(2018) 301 final, 16.5.2018.

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