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Parliamentary questions
PDF 105kWORD 18k
20 April 2018
Question for written answer E-002220-18
to the Commission
Rule 130
Nikolaos Chountis (GUE/NGL)

 Subject:  Resubmission of a question on illegal pension cuts
 Answer in writing 

As the Commission’s reply to Question E-000248/2018 only referred to a small number of mistakes (Generational Solidarity Insurance Fund — AKAGE), relating to a small number of pensioners and limited amounts, but left all other queries unanswered, I wish to repeat the question, kindly asking for a clear-cut reply.

Insufficient information was provided to the Commission by the Greek authorities, and there is new evidence confirming that unlawful practices were followed in applying Law 4387/2016:

First, they concealed the fact that, instead of recalculating 400 000 supplementary pensions (Law 4387/2016), they applied illegal cuts of up to 50%, exceeding the ones provided for by the law.

Second, they concealed that they recalculated all 800 000 pensions amounting to less than EUR 1 300.00 (sum of the main and supplementary pension), despite the explicit guarantee that these would be protected, thus showing large amounts, allegedly ‘individually differentiated’ amounts, which will actually be subject to cuts in 2019 under another law (Law 4472/2017).

These unlawful practices were confirmed by the Governor of the Single Fund for Supplementary Insurance and One-Off Benefits (ETEAEP) (when interviewed by the Ta Nea newspaper).

As a result:
More than 400 000 pensioners have already had their pensions cut by more than 50%, or by a total of EUR 660 million annually;
The other 800 000 pensioners will have their pensions cut by 18% in 2019, or by a total of EUR 220 million annually.

In view of this:

What action will the Commission take to ensure the reimbursement of the amounts illegally withheld and prevent the new cuts that are scheduled for 1 January 2019?

Original language of question: EL 
Last updated: 8 May 2018Legal notice