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28 February 2018

Major interpellation for written answer with debate G-000002/2018

to the Commission

Rule 130b

Ivan Jakovčić

on behalf of the ALDE Group

  Subject:              Situation in the European shipbuilding industry

The maritime equipment and shipbuilding industries have for decades been among Europes most important and strategic industries, employing about 450 000 people in the EU Member States. They are important from both an economic and a social perspective, providing quality employment for large companies and SMEs and contributing to regional industrial infrastructure. There are about 150 large shipyards in Europe, many of which are active in the global market, with a market share of around 6% in terms of tonnage.

Shipbuilding nations in Europe are too weak to cope with competitive pressure from Asia, in particular from China and South Korea, where countries have targeted national shipbuilding strategies in place.

Following on from the LeaderSHIP 2020 initiative, does the Commission have a specific plan for creating a holistic industrial strategy for the European maritime and shipbuilding sector in order to support the long-term competitiveness, economic sustainability and growth of this important sector?

Is the Commission taking concrete measures to preserve and support the high-tech and high-value competitive advantages of European shipbuilding?

Does it have a clear policy and measures in place to target threats from unfair international competition and the lack of global trade rules?

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