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28 March 2019
Answer given by Mr Mimica on behalf of the European Commission
Question reference: K-000001/2019

Following the Council decision of March 2016 concerning the conclusion of consultations with Burundi under Article 96 of the EU-ACP partnership agreement(1), the Commission services and the EEAS agreed with the African Union (AU) Commission a specific payment mechanism to ensure that the EU funds supporting the Burundian contingent were entirely allocated to pay troops stipends. Since then, funds are channelled by the AU Commission to the soldiers’ bank accounts without any interference from the Burundian Government. The payment mechanism is rigorous. The two initial contracts covering the EU financing from January 2016 to March 2017 (Amisom XV and Amisom XVI) have already been audited, whereby the respect of the agreed payment scheme and control arrangements have been verified as part of the specific objectives of the audits. The final reports of the latter audits recognise the adequacy of the control mechanism put in place by the AU Commission and confirmed the legality and regularity of the transactions within the legal framework of the EU contracts. They also confirmed the consistency of the payments made to the individual soldiers with the nominal rolls of the Burundian contingent deployed within Amisom. The third contract covering expenditure from April to December 2017 (Amisom XVII) is currently ongoing.

The proposal for the new European Peace Facility is currently being discussed by the legislative authorities in parallel to the 2021-2027 Multiannual Financial Framework negotiations. The Facility will draw on best practice from both the African Peace Facility and the Athena mechanism, and will continue to ensure and further safeguard the protection of the EU financial interest.


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