Parliamentary questions
5 September 2014
Question for oral answer O-000064/2014
to the Commission
Rule 128
Gianluca Buonanno, Isabella Adinolfi, Marco Affronte, Laura Agea, Daniela Aiuto, Marie-Christine Arnautu, Zoltán Balczó, Nicolas Bay, Tiziana Beghin, Dominique Bilde, Mara Bizzotto, Mario Borghezio, David Borrelli, Marie-Christine Boutonnet, Klaus Buchner, Fabio Massimo Castaldo, Aymeric Chauprade, Ignazio Corrao, Rosa D'Amato, Mireille D'Ornano, Eleonora Evi, Laura Ferrara, Marcel de Graaff, Georgios Epitideios, Lorenzo Fontana, Lampros Fountoulis, Sylvie Goddyn, Bruno Gollnisch, Jean-François Jalkh, Hans Jansen, Barbara Kappel, Béla Kovács, Gilles Lebreton, Jean-Marie Le Pen, Marine Le Pen, Philippe Loiseau, Vicky Maeijer, Dominique Martin, Georg Mayer, Giulia Moi, Bernard Monot, Sophie Montel, Krisztina Morvai, Franz Obermayr, Piernicola Pedicini, Matteo Salvini, Olaf Stuger, Eleytherios Synadinos, Dario Tamburrano, Mylène Troszczynski, Marco Valli, Harald Vilimsky, Udo Voigt, Marco Zanni, Marco Zullo, Jordi Sebastià, Jean-Luc Schaffhauser

 Subject: Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 investigation

The tragic crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 has led to a severe escalation of tension in relations between Russia and Ukraine and between Russia and the EU.

The European Council held in the days immediately following the event decided to further tighten the restrictive measures in place against Russia, while Ukrainian and separatist groups accused, and continue to accuse, each other of bearing responsibility for the crash.

The restrictive measures applied to Russia as a result of the situation are causing serious economic damage to European companies doing business with the Russian Federation, and it is very important to establish the real cause of the MH17 crash quickly and beyond any doubt.

According to international press agency reports, the authorities of the states in charge of the ongoing investigation, including Ukraine, the Netherlands and Belgium, have agreed to keep the results classified and not to disclose them.

1. Is the Commission aware of the results of the ongoing technical investigation?

2. Does the Commission consider legitimate and appropriate the secrecy classification given to the results of the ongoing investigation by the authorities of the Member States in charge of it?

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