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16 July 2015
Question for oral answer O-000090/2015
to the Council
Rule 128
Thomas Händel, on behalf of the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs

 Subject: Precarious employment
 Answer in plenary 

In its resolution of 22 October 2014 on the European Semester for economic policy coordination: implementation of 2014 priorities, the European Parliament called on the Member States to ensure that people on temporary or part-time contracts or who are self-employed enjoy a core set of rights and adequate social protection.

In another resolution of 17 July 2014 on Youth Employment, it urged Member States to associate youth employment policies with quality and sustainable working contracts in order to tackle increasing structural precariousness and underemployment.

In its conclusions regarding youth employment 2011-2014, the Council recognised that precarious employment represents one of the main obstacles to the autonomy and the transition to adulthood for young people and it generates more and more intergenerational inequalities.

1. Can the Council explain which progress in fighting precarious employment has been made in the Member States?

2. How do the Member States ensure that their efforts to tackle youth unemployment will not lead to an increase in precarious employment among young people?

3. How will the Council promote coordination of action by the Member States (Article 153(2a) TFEU) in order to fight precarious employment? To what extent could the ILO decent work agenda and its integrated Decent Work Country Programmes provide support for this coordination?

4. Can the Council indicate when the aforementioned matters will be placed on its agenda?

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