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24 June 2016
Question for oral answer O-000096/2016
to the Commission
Rule 128
Dominique Bilde, Georg Mayer, Javier Nart, Petras Auštrevičius, Jacqueline Foster, Laura Ferrara, Carolina Punset, Mylène Troszczynski, Jean-François Jalkh, Bernard Monot, Gilles Lebreton, Ivo Vajgl, Marine Le Pen, Mireille D'Ornano, Georgios Epitideios, Mara Bizzotto, Patricija Šulin, Joëlle Mélin, Sylvie Goddyn, Florian Philippot, Sophie Montel, Marie-Christine Arnautu, Marie-Christine Boutonnet, David Martin, Steeve Briois, Jean-Luc Schaffhauser, Jean-Marie Le Pen, Bruno Gollnisch, Mario Borghezio, Edouard Ferrand, Philippe Loiseau, María Teresa Giménez Barbat, Valentinas Mazuronis, Gerolf Annemans, Matteo Salvini, Davor Škrlec, Bronis Ropė, Nikolay Barekov, Louis Aliot, Nicolas Bay

 Subject: Transport of farm animals to Turkey

At the end of a five-year study, a number of animal welfare organisations have published a shock video showing the horrific conditions in which thousands of animals are being transported.

Between 2010 and 2014, 1.5 million sheep and cows were exported to Turkey from all over the EU. In 2015, 80 000 French cows were sent to Turkey to be fattened up or slaughtered, making France the biggest EU exporter.

The investigation showed that those animals are sometimes transported 4 000 km without eating or drinking. What is worse, many transporters do not comply with Regulation (EC) No 1/2005, which requires animals to be let out at regular intervals so that they can rest. Of the 38 trucks inspected in 2015, 89% had broken the rules.

In April 2015, the European Court of Justice confirmed that the rules apply beyond the borders of the EU.

Is the Commission aware of the study carried out by CIWF and other organisations? How can it make sure that its rules are being complied with and monitor the transport of live animals more closely?

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