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27 June 2016
Question for oral answer O-000098/2016
to the Commission
Rule 128
Markus Ferber, Antonio Tajani, Burkhard Balz, Othmar Karas, on behalf of the PPE Group
Pervenche Berès, Roberto Gualtieri, on behalf of the S&D Group

 Subject: Basel Committee's revision of the standardised approach for credit risk

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision is consulting upon proposals on capital requirements for credit and operational risks, revising the standardised and internal model approaches. The revision may lead to a substantial increase in capital requirements, which may negatively affect banks’ lending capacity to the real economy. The ECB, in its 2016 Financial Stability Review, has also underlined that there are risks attached to an overall increase in capital requirements for European banks. Taking into account the envisaged review of the CRR, and without foregoing the objective of strengthening financial stability and the banking sector and of properly assessing risks, we ask the Commission:

1. How can the Commission ensure that a further increase in capital requirements will not lead to adverse effects and reduce the lending capability of banks, in particular with respect to corporates and SMEs?

2. How does the Commission intend to reconcile the need to guarantee a more resilient banking system and the need to enhance financing to the real economy?

3. How does the Commission intend to collaborate with the Basel Committee in order to achieve the best proposals?

4. How does the Commission ensure that risk weights are adjusted on the basis of valid data?

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