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Parliamentary questions
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20 February 2018
Question for oral answer O-000016/2018
to the Commission
Rule 128
Linda McAvan, on behalf of the Committee on Development

 Subject: Conflict minerals: accompanying measures
 Answer in plenary 

On 16 March 2017, Parliament adopted a position at first reading with a view to the adoption of a regulation laying down supply chain due diligence obligations for Union importers of tin, tantalum and tungsten, their ores, and gold originating from conflict-affected and high-risk areas. The regulation was adopted on 17 May 2017. In their joint communication of 5 March 2014 entitled ‘Responsible sourcing of minerals originating in conflict-affected and high-risk areas: Towards an integrated EU approach’, the Commission and the VP/HR committed to the implementation of accompanying measures aimed at the promotion of implementation of, and compliance with, due diligence for the minerals’ countries of origin. The communication presented a number of accompanying measures to encourage the responsible sourcing of minerals, listed under five headings and 14 different areas of work. In late 2017, the Commission presented a first Development Cooperation Instrument (DCI)-funded accompanying measure – ‘Promoting responsible supply chain in the area of conflict minerals (3TG)’.

This accompanying measure only covers some parts of some of the 14 areas of work listed in the 2014 communication. Does the Commission therefore intend to present additional accompanying measures covering everything else listed in the communication? If so, what is the expected timetable? What budget is foreseen for this, and from what budget lines? Would these other measures include issues relating to: the implementation of fair taxation for minerals; the integration and legal engagement with thousands of clandestine miners; and the launching of processing of minerals on the spot? Could the Commission describe how Parliament will be closely involved in designing the aforementioned accompanying measures, if applicable, including any relevant consultation intended? The Action Document refers to several rounds of calls for proposals. How many of these will there be, what is the expected distance between them, and what is the range of the grants? What will be the percentage range of the contribution requested from the grant recipients?

The Action Plan refers to interesting synergies with the External Investment Plan, but what synergies exactly? The scope of the aforementioned regulation and accompanying measures is 3TG. Given that there are other problematic minerals that do not fall within the scope of this regulation, would the Commission envisage any other measures to encourage responsible sourcing of non-3TG minerals? Are there other accompanying measures financed by instruments other than DCI?

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