Parliamentary questions
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14 March 2018
Question for oral answer O-000030/2018
to the Commission (Vice-President / High Representative)
Rule 128
Angel Dzhambazki, Charles Tannock, on behalf of the ECR Group

 Subject: VP/HR - Law on expropriation of land without compensation in the Republic of South Africa

In a very worrying development for the future of the country, on 27 February 2018 the Parliament of South Africa passed a motion to accelerate redistribution of land through expropriation without compensation. This motion comes at a time in which debate around land reform in South Africa is more important than ever. The motion was passed with a majority in Parliament and is already causing uncertainty and division in the country.

Furthermore, this legislation is in direct violation of Article 25 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa. There is a real danger that the Constitutional Review Committee will resolve the issue by amending the Constitution, owing to political pressure being exercised by the Parliament.

What is the VP/HR’s view regarding the newly adopted legislation in South Africa?

Does the VP/HR consider this legislation to be a violation of Article 17 of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

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