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19 September 2019

Question for oral answer O-000028/2019

to the Council

Rule 136

Sylwia Spurek, Pina Picierno, Jackie Jones, Birgit Sippel, Maria Noichl, Juan Fernando López Aguilar, Evelyn Regner

on behalf of the S&D Group

  Subject: EU accession to the Istanbul Convention

Both real life experience and statistics demonstrate the prevalence of violence against women and domestic violence in the European Union, as corroborated by data collected by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, the European Institute for Gender Equality as well as other bodies and institutions at national or international level. These data also reveal a significant ratio of underreporting: whereas one in three women in Europe has been a victim of physical and/or sexual violence, only 11% of these incidents have been reported.

Violence against women and girls is both a cause and consequence of gender inequality and discrimination. Not only does it threaten women’s health and their safety, but it also obstructs their access to employment, thereby having a negative influence on their financial independence and the economy as a whole.

The Istanbul Convention offers a comprehensive legal and policy framework designed to prevent and combat violence against women and domestic violence. A growing backlash against women’s rights and a tide of misinformation surrounding the Convention has hindered the progress of ratification, with 10 EU Member States yet to ratify it, putting countless lives at risk and fuelling a culture of impunity for perpetrators. This cannot continue – the European Union must act now.

 What is the state of play in relation to the negotiations on EU accession to the Istanbul Convention being conducted within the Council working bodies, e.g. the Working Party on Fundamental Rights, Citizens’ Rights and Free Movement of Persons?

 What measures are being taken by the Council to assist the ratification process of the Istanbul Convention on the part of Member States, which have not yet done so?

 Over the last five years, how many legal instruments mentioning violence against women and domestic violence, and containing a reference to ‘gender identity’ or ‘gender equality’ among their provisions, have been adopted by the Council?

Tabled: 19.9.2019

Forwarded: 20.9.2019

Deadline for reply: 11.10.2019

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