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9 January 2020
Question for oral answer
to the Commission
Rule 136
Marian-Jean Marinescu, Barbara Thaler, Esther de Lange
on behalf of the PPE Group
 Subject: EU strategy for mobility and transport: measures needed by 2030 and beyond

The EU needs to cut CO₂ emissions from all sectors, including transport. At the same time, generating more transport activities makes the EU wealthier and more prosperous. Furthermore, affordable transport is the enabler of free movement for people and goods, which we need to secure. Freedom of movement and the right to safe, efficient and sustainable transportation are essential, and EU has to safeguard them. Transport and mobility are the lifeblood of the EU economy, so reductions in CO₂ emissions must be achieved without negative impact on their good functioning. This will require a smart strategy for mobility, focused on competitiveness, sustainability, economic soundness and the environment.

Such a strategy must identify the immediate actions needed to reach the EU’s emissions reduction targets by 2030, but also propose measures and processes to go beyond 2030, building on accurate assessments of the current realities and the daily needs of our society. Therefore:

Is the Commission going to prepare a comprehensive strategy for mobility and transport containing measures not only for the short/medium term, but also for the long term?

Will the Commission clearly identify the funding needed for the carbon-neutral transformation of the transport sector?

Will the Commission prepare a comprehensive strategy that links industrial, technology and research and development policies, as well as social considerations?

Submitted: 09/01/2020

Lapses: 10/04/2020

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