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Parliamentary questions
PDF 104kWORD 16k
15 December 2016
Question for written answer P-009521-16
to the Commission
Rule 130
Michel Dantin (PPE) , Franck Proust (PPE) , Elisabeth Morin-Chartier (PPE) , Arnaud Danjean (PPE) , Marc Joulaud (PPE) , Alain Cadec (PPE) , Renaud Muselier (PPE) , Jérôme Lavrilleux (PPE) , Angélique Delahaye (PPE) , Anne Sander (PPE) , Françoise Grossetête (PPE) , Maurice Ponga (PPE) , Michèle Alliot-Marie (PPE) , Rachida Dati (PPE) , Tokia Saïfi (PPE) , Brice Hortefeux (PPE) , Philippe Juvin (PPE) , Constance Le Grip (PPE) , Nadine Morano (PPE) , Alain Lamassoure (PPE)

 Subject:  Health crisis in French and European poultry production and market measures
 Answer in writing 

The European Union is facing a renewed outbreak of the avian influenza virus (H5N8) in wild birds and poultry. Fourteen outbreaks have been identified in France, which has had to increase its risk level nationwide. This status has a major impact on exports, despite the introduction of the ‘regionalisation’ standards advocated by the World Organisation for Animal Health. Other outbreaks have also been identified in Germany, Hungary, Austria, Finland, Croatia, Denmark, the Netherlands and Poland.

1. What measures has the Commission taken to support the national measures which have been adopted to tackle this outbreak?

2. In the Commission's view, what financial impact will this crisis have on the European poultry sector?

3. Given the current situation, does the Commission intend to trigger Article 220 of Regulation (EU) No 1308/2013, which provides for exceptional market support measures in order to take account of restrictions on intra-Union and third-country trade which may result from the application of health management measures and serious market disturbances directly attributed to a loss in consumer confidence?

Original language of question: FR 
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