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Parliamentary questions
PDF 7kWORD 21k
19 July 2018
Joint answer given by Mr Oettinger on behalf of the European Commission
Written questions: P-001332/18 , P-001290/18
Question references: P-001290/2018, P-001332/2018

The Commission has provided comprehensive information on this matter in its replies to the questions of the Budgetary Control Committee of the European Parliament of 24 March(1) and 4 April 2018(2). These replies are publicly available.

1. The Staff Regulations provide for two procedures to appoint Directors-General or Deputy Directors-General: (a) appointment by the College following publication of the post and selection procedure under Article 29 of the Staff Regulations or (b) transfer in the interest of the service pursuant to Article 7 of the Staff Regulations.

The Staff Regulations do not establish an order of preference between the two procedures and there is no reference in the case-law(3) to the fact that one procedure would be the norm and the other the exception. Both procedures are of equal legal standing.

The procedures leading to the appointment decisions taken by the Commission on 21 February 2018 at the level of Deputy Director-General and Director-General took place between 8 November 2016 and 20 February 2018.

2. In accordance with the Staff Regulations, the article 7 procedure was used for the appointment of the new Secretary-General of the Commission. The College took the decision unanimously on a proposal from the President, in agreement with the Commissioner responsible for Budget and Human Resources and after consultation of the First Vice-President. The Commission respected all rules to the letter and in their spirit.

3. The involvement of the Members of the Commission, in procedures for appointment of senior managers, depends on their portfolios. The Members of the Commission concerned are consulted on decisions on senior management in their respective area of responsibility before they are submitted to the Commission for decision.

(3)See for example Case 69/83, 23 June 1984, Lux vs Court of Auditors, point 17 and Case F-24/12, 19 June 2014, BN vs Commission, point 47.

Last updated: 20 July 2018Legal notice