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Parliamentary questions
PDF 106kWORD 19k
24 September 2018
Question for written answer P-004783-18
to the Commission
Rule 130
Nikolaos Chountis (GUE/NGL)

 Subject:  Transfer to superfund of archaeological and cultural heritage sites
 Answer in writing 

A storm of protest has been unleashed by a Greek Ministerial Decision(1), transferring 10 166 properties to the ETAD SA-EESYP Greek public asset management and holding company, in line with commitments given by the Greek Government during the fourth evaluation of the third memorandum of understanding.

These properties include archaeological and ancient and modern cultural heritage sites, which are exempt from transfer under Article 196 (4) of Law 4389/2016, to which the ministerial decision itself refers (paragraph 2).

Clearly, the procedure followed makes it possible to challenge the ownership of exempt properties, as the Association of Greek Archaeologists protests(2): ‘The exclusion of monuments … outside the Greek State’.

As a result, major questions have arisen regarding de facto rights to the transferred properties.

In view of this:

Why were archaeological and cultural heritage sites not, a priori, excluded from transfer to the ETAD SA superfund?
Who is legally entitled to decide, albeit retrospectively, which properties fall under the scope of Article 196(4) of Law 4389/2016?
Will the Ministry of Culture retain its previous entitlement to ownership, use and management of cultural properties excluded from transfer?

(1)Ministry of Finance Decision No 0004586 ΕX 2018 (Government Gazette No 2320/Β/2016), http://www.et.gr/idocs-nph/search/pdfViewerForm.html?args=5C7QrtC22wFHp_31M9ESQXdtvSoClrL8noyF6ARJ3CPNZ8op6Z_wSuJInJ48_97uHrMts-zFzeyCiBSQOpYnT00MHhcXFRTsX5WTsVCkPIlZtLfhkjy26idlWwzP0eR0jz4HqzxbQvw.

Original language of question: EL 
Last updated: 28 September 2018Legal notice