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Monday, 15 December 2014 - Strasbourg

14. Order of business

The final draft agenda for the December 2014 sittings (PE 544.579/PDOJ) had been distributed and a number of changes had been proposed (Rule 152):


No changes.


The vote on the reports by Andrzej Duda (A8-0029/2014, A8-0031/2014, A8-0032/2014, A8-0033/2014, A8-0035/2014 and A8-0040/2014) was postponed to a later part-session.

Proposals by the Verts/ALE, S&D and GUE/NGL Groups to wind up the debate on the Commission work programme 2015 (item 18 on the final draft agenda) by tabling motions for resolutions.

The following spoke: Gianni Pittella, on behalf of the S&D Group, who gave the reason that the vote would be held in January, Philippe Lamberts, on behalf of the Verts/ALE Group, explaining the reason, Guy Verhofstadt, in favour, József Szájer, against, Gabriele Zimmer, on behalf of the GUE/NGL Group, asking for the vote to be held during the current part-session, and Philippe Lamberts, in favour of that request.

Parliament rejected the GUE-NGL Group's request.

Parliament approved the S&D Group's request by EV (231 in favour, 121 against, 18 abstentions).


Proposal by the Verts/ALE and GUE/NGL Groups to enter on the agenda a statement by the Vice-President of the Commission and High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy on freedom of expression in Turkey. The debate would be wound up by motions for resolutions to be tabled during the January 2015 part-session.

The following spoke: Rebecca Harms and Patrick Le Hyaric, explaining the reasons for the proposal on behalf of their respective groups, and Alexander Graf Lambsdorff.

Parliament approved the proposal.

The following spoke: Rebecca Harms.

Proposal by the ECR Group to postpone the vote on Palestine to Thursday (item 78 on the final draft agenda).

The following spoke: Morten Messerschmidt, on behalf of the ECR Group, explaining the reason, and Martina Anderson, opposing the proposal.

Parliament rejected the proposal.


No changes.

° ° °

The order of business was thus established.

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