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Monday, 18 January 2016 - Strasbourg

8. Corrigendum (Rule 231)

The IMCO Committee had forwarded the following corrigendum to a text adopted by Parliament:

Corrigendum P7_TA(2012)0424(COR01) to Regulation (EU) No 168/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 15 January 2013 on the approval and market surveillance of two- or three-wheel vehicles and quadricycles (OJ L 60, 2.3.2013, p. 52) (position of the European Parliament adopted at first reading on 20 November 2012 with a view to the adoption of the above Regulation (P7_TA(2012)0424) (COM(2010)0542 – C7-0317/2010 – 2010/0271(COD)).

Pursuant to Rule 231(4), this corrigendum would be deemed approved unless, within 24 hours, a request was made by a political group or at least 40 Members that it be put to the vote.

The corrigendum would be available on Europarl for the remainder of the current part-session.

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