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Thursday, 14 February 2019 - StrasbourgFinal edition

11. Explanations of vote

Written explanations of vote:

Explanations of vote submitted in writing under Rule 183 appear on the Members' pages on Parliament's website.

Oral explanations of vote:

(Voting time on Wednesday 13 February 2019)

Experiencing backlash in women’s rights and gender equality in the EU - B8-0096/2019, B8-0099/2019
Paloma López Bermejo, Branislav Škripek, Anna Záborská, José Inácio Faria, Angel Dzhambazki and Daniel Hannan

Policy challenges and strategies against women's cancers and related comorbidities - B8-0097/2019
Urszula Krupa

Use of cannabis for medicinal purposes - B8-0071/2019
Urszula Krupa, John Howarth, Ana Miranda, José Inácio Faria, Dobromir Sośnierz and Anna Záborská

(Voting time on Thursday 14 February 2019)

Report: Roberts Zīle - A8-0032/2019
Angel Dzhambazki

The right to peaceful protest and the proportionate use of force - B8-0103/2019
Monica Macovei and Alex Mayer

The rights of intersex people - B8-0101/2019
Mirosław Piotrowski and Branislav Škripek

The future of the LGBTI List of Actions (2019-2023) - B8-0127/2019
Ana Miranda and Mirosław Piotrowski

NAIADES II - An action programme to support inland waterway transport - B8-0079/2019
Mirosław Piotrowski

Report: Jørn Dohrmann - A8-0057/2019
Lola Sánchez Caldentey, Alex Mayer and Jiří Pospíšil.

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