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Wednesday, 3 July 2019 - Strasbourg

6. Election of the President of Parliament (first ballot) (announcement of results)

Antonio Tajani (provisional Chair) read out the results of the ballot:

- Members voting: 735

- Blank or void: 73

- Votes cast: 662

- Absolute majority: 332

Votes obtained by each candidate:

Ska Keller: 133 votes

Sira Rego: 42 votes

David Maria Sassoli: 325 votes

Jan Zahradil: 162 votes

(The list of Members voting is annexed to these Minutes) (minutes of 3.7.2019 annex 1)

Since no candidate obtained an absolute majority, a second ballot was needed.

The candidates from the first ballot continued with their nominations and no new nominations were submitted.

(The sitting was suspended at 11.18.)

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