Rules of Procedure of the European ParliamentPDF
8th parliamentary term - July 2018
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Arabic numerals refer to Rules. Annexes are denoted by Roman numerals and the Arabic or Roman numerals or the letters that follow them refer to sections, Articles or paragraphs of these Annexes.This non-exhaustive index is designed to help readers navigate the English version of the Rules of Procedure. It has no official status and no value as an interpretative tool.
to adopted acts78
to chamber (see also Secretary-General)157
to documents5, 9, 43, 69f, 115, 116, 158, 160 - 161, 210, 215, IV
to galleries157
to minutes31, 192, 207
to notice of petitions217
to Parliament (see also Secretary-General)11, 116a
to texts adopted193
Commissioners-designate81, 24, VI.I(8)
consent81, 99
negotiations81, 214, V.I
Treaties81, 99
Accounts81, IV, V.V
of Members, inspection by5
Acts adopted78, 193, VII
application of plenary rules to committee209
duties of committees during201
of a debate or vote184a, 185, 190
of the session146
Admissibility (see also Inadmissibility)
application of plenary rules to committee209
of amendments22, 39, 52, 66, 69, 99, 103, 104, 108, 113, 170, 174, 199, IV.4
of explanations of votes183
of requests for split votes52, 174
of motions for resolutions (INIs)52
of motions of censure on Commission119
of nominations for Ombudsman219
of petitions215
of proposals for legislative INIs46
of questionsII
of questions for written answer130, 131
of requests for defence of privileges and immunities7
of requests to move procedural motions on admissibility185, 187
of written appeals against lifting of immunity5
of written appeals, denial of right to inspect documents5
Advisory Committee on the Conduct of MembersI.3, I.7
committees responsible forV
examination of reports adopted by116
requests to (consultation of)139
adoption149a, 168
amendment149a, 162
draft27, 29, 149
final draft135, 149, 149a, 150, 153a, 162
inclusion of items on9, 52a, 67, 69c, 72, 78d, 90, 99, 105, 106, 113, 123, 128, 130, 130b, 135, 149a, 150, 153, 153a, 168, 183, 188, 210, 216, III
notification of resignation of Members4
of committee4, 66, 115, 131, 131a, 206
priority items66, 154
of seats in chamber13, 36
of seats in committee199
of speaking time135, 153a, 162, 163, 184a, 185, 206, III
daily subsistence, forfeiture of166
fixed by Bureau25
Amendment (see also Modification, Admissibility, Inadmissibility)
admissibility of (see also admissibility)22, 99, 104, 170
author of88, 169, 174
committee amendments175, 208
committee consideration of plenary amendments175
compromise amendments69, 170, 174
conciliation committee joint text72
deadlines for53, 59, 69c, 74, 170
first reading59, 59a
identification in a consolidated text193
languages158, 159, 169, 170
negotiations ahead of Parliament’s first reading69c
negotiations ahead of Parliament’s second reading69e
oral amendments113, 169
order of voting174
publishing of169
presenting in plenary169
procedure without50, 150
second reading67a, 69, 69a
tabling of169, 208
withdrawal of169
Annual reports132
Annual programming37, 47
Annual report of the Advisory CommitteeI.7
Appeal procedures5, 9, 167, I.8
Appointments (see also Elections, Nominations)
Advisory Committee members and reserve membersI.7
Committee of eminent persons, members of223a
Conciliation Committee, delegates to71, 90
European Central Bank: executive board, members of122
general117 - 122a
heads of external delegations111
Members of Parliament3, 4
Ombudsman, tied vote219
permanent substitutes200
rapporteurs47, 50, 51, 52, 198, 205
Secretary General25, 222
special representatives (Article 33 TEU)110
standing committees, members of196
Subcommittees, members of203
to Economic governance bodies122a
Treaty Convention, representatives on79
voting procedure for180a
access badges116a
power of Quaestors to fix maximum number of11
Associated committees54, 59a, 71, 107, 108, 201a, 211, 216, VI
Badges, access116a
Blue card162
of Code of Conduct
 by MemberI.8
 by member of political group not represented on Advisory CommitteeI.7
 by member or reserve member of Advisory CommitteeI.8
 by rapporteur21
of confidentiality166, 210a
of fundamental principles83
of human rights114
of human rights, democracy and the rule of law114, 135, III
of privileges and immunities, decision concerning7
of the Code of Conduct for Registrants116a
of the standards of conduct of Members165
Adoption of91
annual budgetary procedure86a
budgetary conciliation90
 auditing budget appropriations, non-attached Members35
 authorisation of expenditure, political parties223a, 224
 budget implementing powers33
 Members’ allowances25
 preliminary draft budget estimates25, 96
committeesV.IV, V.V
Conference of Presidents27
debate, financial implications of common foreign and security policy113a
discharge procedure93, 94, 125, IV
estimates of Parliament96, 97
dialogue with national parliaments, budget for142
Implementation of92a, 125, IV
Multiannual financial framework (MFF)86
opinion, budgetary implications of a legally binding act41
Parliament’s position on draft budget88
political groups, role of27, 33
provisional twelfths system92
Secretary-General, report to Bureau on96
President of Parliament
 inter-institutional cooperation94a
 internal budgetary powers98
accountability of31
composition of19, 20, 24
duties of5, 11, 25, 28, 29, 33, 34, 35, 96, 97, 98, 116, 116a, 147, 158, 159, 161, 165, 167, 181, 206, 211, 214, 215, 222, 223a, 224, 228, I.4, I.5, I.6, I.9
election and holding office14, 19, 30a
preliminary draft25, 96
questions from Members, performance-related31
Bureau rules
on access badges116a
on committee delegations within the EU216a
of committees198, 203, 204
of Interparliamentary delegations212
Treaty convention79
“Catch the eye” (see also Voting)151
motion of, of Commission119
Chamber (see Access, Conduct, Disturbances)
Charter of Fundamental Rights11, 38, 115, V.XVII
Citizens' initiative211, 218, V.XX
right of access to Parliament documents116
right of petition215
structured consultation of European Civil society27
Codes of conduct
for Members (financial interests)11, 21, I
for negotiating in the context of the Ordinary Legislative Procedure (OLP)69b
for Registrants116a
of former Members11
on multilingualism25
Codification of Union legislation103, 170
Comitology (see Delegated acts, Implementing acts)
annual report of132
approval of Commissioners-designateVI
chamber (access to)157
citizens’ initiatives211, 218
comments on amendments from,
 first reading59
 second reading67a
Commission Work Programme37, 47
committee responsible78d, 81, 206, 211, 216, 218
Conference of Presidents129, 149
convening of Parliament, at the request of Commission146
debate on an Accession Treaty81
delegated acts40, 105
dialogue between management and labour101
discharge93, 94, IV
election of President of117
election or rejection118, VI.4
exchange of views, on a change of legal basis39
forwarding of legislative resolution and position to
 first reading59
 second reading67a
Framework Agreement, withdrawal of confidence in Commissioner118, VI.6
hearings of Commissioners-designate118, VI.3
implementing acts40, 106
information to committee responsible43
International agreements108, 109
modification of proposal63, 78
motion of censure119
monitoring of commitments made during hearingsVI.6
opinion or consent of, to Rule 52 INI proposal45
petitions, role in examination of216, 218
position on amendments78b
 for oral answer with debate128
 for written answer130, II
 minor interpellations for written answer130a, II
 major interpellations for written answer with debate130b, II
 question time129
rejection of proposal59, 102, 103, 104, 208
request for proposal to (Article 225 TFEU)46
request for proposal to (Article 7(2) TEU)83
request for renewed referral of proposal to63
role in acceleration of legislative procedure47a
role in Interinstitutional cooperation (Budget)94a
role in Internal budget96
role in legislative planning37
scrutiny of envisaged voluntary agreements102
short presentation in plenary by rapporteur151
Special representative110
speaking time in plenary162, III
statements by37, 123, 124
subsidiarity, reasoned opinions42
substantial portfolio change during term of officeVI.9
urgent procedure154
Vice-President/High Representative110, 111, 113, 113a, 128, 130a, 130b
withdrawal of proposal37, 43, 59, 78d, 104
Committee coordinators69f, 120, 198, 203, 205, VI.3
Committee of the Regions94, 138
Committees49 - 55, 196 - 211, 214, 225, V
associated54, 59a, 71, 107, 108, 201a, 216, V.XVI, VI.3
bureau198, 203, 204
Chair4, 8, 9, 21, 29, 46, 49, 52a, 53, 54, 55, 59, 64, 65, 67a, 69f, 71, 78d, 90, 94a, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 108, 131, 141, 143, 150, 154, 162, 165, 170, 171, 175, 185, 198, 200, 201a, 203
composition27, 199 - 200
Conciliation Committee (see also Third Reading)70, 71, 72
competence27, 47, 54, 55, 59a, 107, 133, 201, 201a, II.1
 annual structured, with CommissionVI.6
 committee and national parliaments142
 management and labour101
 political, between Commissioners-designate and MembersVI.3
 political, with developing countriesV.II
duties27, 201, 201a, V
emergency meeting113
first reading59, 59a, 63, 69c, 69d, 69f
joint meetings55, 107
joint parliamentary committees214, V.I
meetings4, 8, 25, 37, 50, 53, 55, 66, 69f, 113, 115, 116a, 126, 130, 131a 147, 158, 165, 168, 175, 200, 204, 206, 207, 208, 209, 210, 210a
members199, 200
minutes207, 210a
of inquiry198, 199
opinions53, 54
plenary amendments175
powers196, 197, 198, 201, V
procedure49 - 55, 59a, 63, 66, 69, 69e, 69f, 206, 207, 208, 209, 210, 210a, 211
question time210
reasoned opinions on competence9
referral back59a, 63, 78e, 188
report49, 50, 51, 52, 52a, 53, 54, 55, 59a, 72, 84, 86a, 98, 99, 100, 101, 102, 108, 109, 116, 170, 171, IV
second reading67a, 69, 69e, 69f
setting up196, 197, 198
special committees197
subcommittees201, 203, V.I
substitutes3, 49, 51, 53, 158, 200, 203, 208
third reading71
verification of credentials3, 14, V.XVI
voting208, 209
Committees of inquiry27, 198, 199
Common foreign and security policy (CFSP)110 - 111, 113a, V.I
of Bureau24
of Conference of Presidents26
of Commission, change118, VI.6
of committees199, 200
of delegates to Conciliation Committee, political71
of delegates to “Sherpa process”27
of Parliament84
Compromise amendments (see also Amendments)170, 174
budgetary90, 97
composition and procedure of committee55, 71
third reading69g, 70, 71, 72
Code of Conduct, former Members11
Code of Conduct, Members11, 21, I
Interinstitutional agreements, codes of conduct140
of activities, utmost transparency115
of hearings, Commissioners-designate118
of negotiations69f
of sittings25, 52a, 157, 158, 159, 160, 161, 162, 163, 164, 164a
standards of conduct, Members11, 165
Conference of Committee Chairs29, 37, 46, 47, 55, 69f, 105, 106, 107, 142, 149, 201a, 211, 216, 226, VI.3, VI.4
Conference of Delegation Chairs30, 212
Conference of Presidents
powers and duties21, 26, 27, 29, 30, 32, 33, 36, 37, 46, 52, 54, 55, 59a, 63, 69b, 71, 79, 83, 99, 116, 118a, 124, 128, 129, 133, 135, 142, 143, 144, 146, 149, 150, 151, 153a, 162, 166, 196, 197, 198, 199, 201, 201a, 203, 204, 212, 216, 223a, 224, 225, 229, VI.3, VI.4
questions to31
Conferences of parliaments144
Confidentiality5, 6, 9, 11, 25, 31, 81, 108, 160, 166, 198, 210a
Conflicts of interest118, I, I.3, VI.2
breach of fundamental principles and values83
College of CommissionersVI
nominations4, 15
non-convening of Convention79
of Council/Commission for adoption of act by Parliament45
procedure81, 99, 108, 109
withdrawal from the Union82
Constitutive sitting3, 14, 146, 228
Consultation78a, 78b, 78c, 78d, 78e
Article 140(2) TFEU (derogations to adoption of the euro)100
Committee of the Regions138
Economic and Social Committee137
of committees206
of Conciliation Committee70
of Parliament146
election observation missionsV.I
enhanced cooperation85
Interinstitutional Agreement of 2 December 201386a
Interinstitutional cooperation37, 94a
Judicial and administrative, in civil mattersV.XVI
legal-linguistic finalisation193
Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe214a
police and judicial cooperation in criminal mattersV.XVII
sincere cooperation54
trans-frontier and interregionalV.XII
with third countriesV.I, V.XV
Corrigenda193, 231
Corruption (see Fraud)
communication of Council’s position (second reading)64
dialogue of committee responsible with (second reading)66
draft recommendations to113
first reading agreement63a
major interpellations130b
meetings of44
minor interpellations130a
questions128, 129, 130
speaking in plenary162
Council of Europe214a
Council position
amendments67a, 69, 70
 first reading agreement63a
 second reading agreement69a
 second reading, vote in Parliament67a
communication55, 64 - 66
submission to Parliament67
Court of AuditorsIV.1, IV.2, V.V
appointment of Members121
Court of Justice of the European Union
discharge (budget) of94
dismissal of Ombudsman221
opinions of, on compatibility with Treaties108
proceedings before141, 221, IV.6
referrals to141
Credentials (verification)3, 14, V.XVI
 committee53, 208
 Parliament59, 69c, 150, 169, 170
in debate under Rule 135III.7
 on draft budget88
consideration under associated or joint committee procedure107
correction to typescripts of oral contributions194
debate135, 154, 156
delegated acts, motion to object105
discharge procedureIV.3
extension for second and third readings65, 69g, 70
for delivery of CoR opinions138
for delivery of EESC opinions137
implementing acts, resolution opposing adoption106
report52, 53
roll-call votes180
split votes176
accession treaties, before negotiations81
breaches of human rights, democracy and the rule of law135, III
committee of inquiry, at request of198
Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP)113a
concluding debate in plenary, possibility of59a
conduct of Members in debates11
disruption of162, 166
documents, distribution of160
duties of President/Vice Presidents in22, 23
 of the President of the Commission117
 of the Commission118, VI.5
international agreements/bodies, provisional application or suspension of109
 major for written answer with debate130b
joint debate155
key debate52
 motion of adjournment of debate or vote184a, 185, 190, 209
 motion of censure of the Commission119
 motion of closure of a debate22, 185, 189
 motion of inadmissibility, at beginning of debate187
Ombudsman, concerning dismissal221
on report52a
personal statement during164
petitions216, 216a
presentation by author during debate169
privileges and immunities,
 Parliament decision on appeal without debate5
involvement of Member concerned in committee debates9
procedure without50, 150, 183, 216
public debates on subjects of general European interest27
public nature115
questions for oral answer with128
recommendations on external policies113
short presentation, without full debate151
speaking time162
 by Court of Auditors125
 by ECB126
 by members of Commission, Council and European Council123
 explaining Commission decisions124
subcommittees, involvement of chairs in debates of parent committee203
subsidiarity, recommendation to reject42
suspension or closure of sitting191
topical, requested by political group153a
urgent procedure154
Declaration (see Financial interests, Financial statement, Written declaration, Statement)
declaration of financial interests
 Commissioners-designate118, VI.2
 Members11, I.4
Defence of privileges and immunities7, 9
Delegated acts105
ad hoc27, V.I, V.II, V.III
Conference of Delegation Chairs30
Conferences of Parliaments144
eligibility, requirement to submit declarationI.4
fact finding visits216a
interparliamentary30, 116, 135, 212, 214, V.I, V.II, V.III
powers, immediate measures165
right to information on imposition of penalties166
“Sherpa process”27, 30
standing27, 212
to joint parliamentary committees214
Union external delegation, nominee for head of111
Democracy135, 224, 225, III, V.I
between management and labour101
Commissioners-designate and MembersVI.3
political, with developing countriesV.II
with national parliaments, by committee142
with the Commission, under Framework AgreementVI.6
bodies responsible for legally independent entities carrying out Union tasks94
 budget of the European Development Fund94
 implementation of the budget93
Committee of the Regions (CoR)94
Court of Auditors94
Court of Justice94
 implementation of the budget of Parliament94, V.V
 internal budgetary procedures98, V.V
 statement by Court of Auditors125
Disruption of Parliament162, 165, 166
immediate measures165
documents (see also Access, Documents)160
of appropriations between political parties at European level224
of committee seats between groups199
of topical matters for debate, distribution between groups153a
of translations of amendmentsIII.7
immediate measures165
penalties166, 167
access to (see also Access, Distribution)5, 43, 115, 116, 160
confidential5, 210a
Council’s position, second reading64
electronic handling of161
languages and translation158, 198
lapsing at end of last part session before elections229
motto, symbols of the Union228
Parliament documents, definition116
petitions as public documents215, 216
publication in the minutes192
reflecting outcome of trilogues69f
supporting, election of Ombudsman219
Early termination of an office21
Elections (see also Appointments, Nominations)
committee bureaux204
committees of inquiry, members198
continuity of office during election period30a
incompatibility caused by election to office4
interparliamentary delegations, members212
joint parliamentary committees, members214
Members1, 3
members of standing committees196
Observers, right to stand and vote in elections13
President of the Commission117
President of Parliament14, 16
renewed referral to Parliament, following new elections to Parliament63, 69
special committees, members197
unfinished business229
Election observation missionsV.I, V.II
Electronic handling of documents161
Electronic register of petitions216
Enhanced cooperation between Member States85
Establishment plan, of Parliament’s Secretariat25, 33, 97
Estimates96, 97
European Central Bank
legislative right of initiative59
questions for written answer to131
European citizens' initiative211, 218, V.XX
European Council
allocation of speaking time to, when in Chamber162
consultation of Parliament by79
consultation of Parliament by, decision amending Part Three TFEU80
draft decision, composition of Parliament, examination by Parliament84, 99
ordinary Treaty revision79
President of, invited to attend presentation of whole CollegeVI.5
proposal of candidate for President of the Commission117
questions for written answer, to130
report containing proposals, from committee responsible, to80
request to Parliament by, decision not to convene Convention, consent79
simplified Treaty revision80
statements by123
European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)V.XII
consultation of137
discharge (budget) of94
of a political party
 from funding224
of Members
 from deliberations of a committee, if not a member206
 from inter-parliamentary delegation, conference or forum (prohibition)166
 from the Chamber165
by competent authority of a Member State on Member’s immunity9
of vote123, 135, 183
 by political groups183
 power of President to put an end to, if excessive164a
 written, conditions183
Explanatory statement (see also Justifications)
of a report
 Consent, recommendation99
 deletion by Chair52a
 drafting by rapporteur52a, I.5
 legislative INIs (Rule 52)45
 Ordinary Treaty revision, consultation, Article 48(3) TFEU79
 pursuant to Article 225 TFEU46
 with financial statement45, 49, 51
 without vote171
 with written declaration annexed52a
of questions
 major interpellations for written answer, brief130b
Explanatory notes to Rules of Procedure226
External representation of the Union
heads of delegations111, 216a
special representatives (Article 33 TEU)110
Vice-President of the Commission/High Representative110, 111, 113, 113a, 128, 130a, 130b
Extraordinary debate153
Extraordinary meeting, to discuss vacancy of a seat in Parliament4
Finalisation63a, 78, 193, VII
CFSP, implications relating to implementation113a
committeesV.III, V.IV, V.V, V.VI, V.X
duties of Bureau25, 33
duties of President22
duties of Quaestors28
internal financial regulations98
Financial compatibility41, 49, 51
Financial implications41, 113a, V.IV
Financial interests
of Commissioners117, 118, VI.1, VI.2
of Members, including written declaration3, 11, 21, 224, I.1, I.4
of the UnionV.V
Financial Regulation92a, 223a, IV.2
Financial situation of officials and other servants25, 222
Financial statement
by Members224
of beneficiary political parties, annual224
own-initiate report (Rule 52), included in explanatory statement45, 49, 51
Financial year92a, 97, IV.3
First reading59, 59a, 63, 63a
change of legal basis63
 acceleration of legislative procedures47a
 joint committee procedure55
 legislative reports49, 52a
 opinions53, 54
 proposals from other institutions or Member States48
 rapporteur, appointment47
 referral back to59
 referral to47
 simplified procedure50
 tabling by, in plenary59
Council’s position at,
 amendments by Parliament to69
 communication to Parliament64
 negotiations before adoption of69d
Parliament’s position at
 mandate, considered to be69d
 negotiations after adoption of69d
negotiations69b, 69c, 69d, 69f
plenary stage59
vote in Parliament59
Foreign policy113, 113a, V.I
Former Members7, 9, 11, I.6
Fraud12, I.2, V.V
Fundamental principles (Member State)83, VI.XVIII
Fundamental rights (also see Charter of Fundamental Rights)38, V.XVII
Gifts or similar benefitsI.5
Governing bodies24 - 31, 116
Groups32, 33, 36
activities of33
dissolution of32
establishment of32
legal situation of33
Members of committees, when changing their political group199
substitutes, permanent, for each committee200
HearingsV.XX, VI.3
duties of Bureau25
of Commissioners-designate118, IV
of experts, by committees206
of Members
 penalties for failure to comply with formal summons to attend116a
 procedures on immunity9
of nominees
 for head of Union external delegation111
 for Ombudsman219
of special representatives110
public nature, on citizens’ initiatives211
High Representative (see Vice-President of the Commission/High Representative)
Human rights83, 114, 135, 224, 225, III, V.I, V.XVII
Immunity of Members5 - 9, 179, 180, 208, V.XVI
Implementing acts106, 107
Implementing measures (Bureau)I.5, I.9
Inadmissibility (see also Admissibility)38, 69, 103, 104, 105, 119, 170, 185, 187
Information security (ENISA)V.IX
citizens'211, V.XX
of Commission, inter-institutional cooperation, budgetary procedures94a
of committee responsible39, 40, 41, 108
of Members, pursuant to Article 225 TFEU46
of Ombudsman, to be heard by committee responsible220
of Parliament or Council,
 concerning extending the time limit for second reading65
 concerning extending the time limit for third reading69g
of President8, 21
originating from a Member State48
originating from institutions other than the Commission48
own-initiative report27, 45, 46, 52, 69, 216
Inquiry (see also Committee)198
Inspection of files5
Intergroups (see also Groups)34
Interim report99
Interinstitutional agreements12, 25, 37, 39(fn), 63(fn), 103(fn), 104(fn), 118, 140, V.IV, V.XVIII
Interinstitutional negotiations in legislative procedures4, 59, 59a, 69b.
International agreements99, 108, 109, V.I
Interparliamentary delegations30, 116, 212, 214, V.I, V.II
criteria applicable toII
major, for written answer with debate130b
minor, for written answer130a
of Code of Conduct, guidance onI.7
of the Rules of Procedure40, 140, 226, V.XVIII
of Union law4, 216
Interpreting (languages)158, 195, 198
Interruption of live broadcast165
Interruptive and procedural motions209
Joint committee procedure54, 55, 107, VI.3, VI.4
Joint debate135, 155
Joint declaration on annual Interinstitutional programming37, 47a
Joint motion for a resolution123, 135, 170
Joint parliamentary committees214, V.1
Joint text55, 72, 90
Justifications (see also Explanatory statements)49, 53, 66, 88, 104, 116a, 169, 227
Laissez-passer of the European Union5
defamatory, racist or xenophobic11, 165, II.1
gender neutrality1
Languages, official25, 31, 46, 64, 105, 106, 154, 158, 159, 169, 170, 193, 194, 195, 198, 215, III.7
motions for resolution135
unfinished business229
Legal basis
in Commission proposal
 modification of63
resulting in OLP no longer applying63
 verification of
general39, V.XVI
international agreements108
in Parliament’s first reading position,
 on modification by Council or Commission63
in legislative initiative under Article 225 TFEU46
Legal-linguistic finalisation (see Finalisation)
Legislative and work programme (see Work Programme)
Legislative documents116
Legislative initiative
institutions other than the Commission or Member States48
Parliament27, 45, 46, 52
Legislative procedures37 - 48, 49 - 55, 59 - 63a, 64 - 69a, 69b - 69f, 69g - 72, 78, 78a - 78e, 103, 104
Legislative resolution (see Resolution)
List of speakers162, 189
Lobbying11, I.2, I.6
of Commission, international agreements108
of committee responsible
after Council’s first reading position69e
before Council’s first reading position69d
before Parliament’s first reading position
. referral back for negotiations59, 59a
. report69c
of delegations of Parliament27, 144
of President, to negotiate reciprocal facilities for national parliaments142
of special representatives110
of Members
 confirmation of3
 continual monitoring of commitments duringVI.6
 in another parliament4
 prevention of performing duties of9
 rulings on validity of3
 withdrawal of4
Major interpellations (see Interpellations see also Commission, - questions)
 assistants11, 116a
 attendance at sittings148
 financial interests of11
 general1 - 11
 gifts and benefits received byI.5
 immunity of9
 observers, treatment like Members13
 standards of conduct11
 Statute for2, 11, 25, 116, V.XVI
 term of office4
 verification of credentials of3
Minor interpellations (see Interpellations, see also Commission, questions)
of Bureau31
of committees meetings205, 207, 210a
of Conference of Presidents31
of Parliament192, 207
announcements of delegated acts105
announcements of petitions217
attendance of sitting148
calling a Member to order, second time165
decisions to enter into negotiations ahead of Council’s first reading69d
lists of communications from Council, second reading64
roll call votes, detailed results180
secret ballots, participation in180a
statements of the setting up of political group32
co-signatories (see also President, Secretary-General192
forwarded to Council, on amendment of Council’s position on draft budget88
no quorum for discussion of168
personal statements, heard when minutes are considered for approval164
placed before Parliament193
time limits for speaking about162
Modification (see also Amendment)
legislative proposal, legal basis63
presentation in text tabled for consideration69f
Monetary policy126
calling for a declaration of inadmissibility187
for resolutions45, 51, 52, 52a, 53, 78d, 79, 80, 83, 88, 92a, 99, 101, 102, 105, 106, 107, 114, 118, 123, 133, 135, 169, 170, 171, 216, IV.3, IV.4
of censure on Commission119
Multiannual financial framework41, 49, 51, 86, V.IV
Multiannual programming37, 41, 118a
National parliaments
committee, direct dialogue with142
documents from, officially transmitted142
negotiation of facilities for142
reasoned opinions (see also Subsidiarity)42
relations with25, 27, 142, 143
Negotiating mandate (see Mandate)
Negotiating team69e, 69f
Nominations (see also Appointments, Elections)
Commissioners-designate118, VI
 Committee bureaux, members of204
 Committees of inquiry, members of199
Court of Justice: Judges and Advocates General of120
Court of Auditors: members of121
European Central Bank (see Appointments)
interparliamentary delegations212
President of Parliament15, 16
President of the Commission117
Quaestors15, 18
Vice-Presidents15, 17
 entrusted with implementation of relations with national parliaments25
 entrusted with implementation of structured consultation with European civil society25
Non-attached Members
access to information205
allocation of seats in the Chamber to36
expenses of25, 35
ineligible to designate coordinators205
internal preparatory meetings for Conciliation, attendance of71
right to submit nominations for:
 members of committees199
 members of interparliamentary delegations212
 substitute members of committees200
secretariat of205
speaking time35, 135, 153, 162
status and parliamentary rights25, 35
Non-legislative resolutions (see Resolutions)
Officers of Parliament14 - 21, 22, 23
committee, application mutatis mutandis204
Parliament documents116
penalties, information concerning imposition165, 166
Official Journal
decision to set up a committee of inquiry198
definitive adoption of budget91
multilingual verbatim report194
notice calling for nominations for Ombudsman219
rules for access to documents116
rules on treatment of confidential information25
texts adopted78, 193
activities of220, V.XX
dismissal of221
election of219
One-minute speeches163
committees of inquiry198
distribution of drafts of160
expressed by Members, freedom of speech7
in the form of a letter133
minority opinions198
of the Commission45, 48
of the Committee of the Regions138, VII.2
of committees50, 53, 201
of the Court of Auditors125
of the European Economic and Social Committee137, VII.2
on an individual nomination, Members of the Court of Auditors121
on annual budgetary procedure86a
on citizens’ initiative211
on delegated and implementing acts40
on derogations to the adoption of the euro, procedures100
on dischargeIV.1, IV.3
on financial compatibility,41, V.IV
on Parliament’s estimates88, 97
on petitions216
on respect for fundamental rights38
on subsidiarity42
on the conclusion, renewal or amendment of an international agreement108
on the desirability of codification103
on the draft budget88
on the legal basis for Parliament’s request for a Commission proposal46
on waiver of immunity9
personal statements164
prohibition on delegation of right to adopt205
required by the Treaties132
special committees197
voting in committee208
call to order162, 165
constitutional order of the Member States215
legal orderV.XVI
maintaining order22, 165, 166, 177
of entry of petitions in the register215
of voting169, 174, 176, 180, 209
order and security on premises11
points of order164a, 182a, 184a, 209
Order of business149 - 156
Own-initiative reports27, 45, 52
Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe214a
Parliamentary term145
Parliament documents (see also Documents)116
conferences of144
national25, 27, 37, 42, 142 - 143, V.II
of associated States or accession States214, V.II
Part-sessions145 - 146
additional, in Brussels147
Penalties11, 166 - 167, I.8
Personal statements164
Petitions211, 215 - 216a, 217, 218, 229, V.XX
amendments39, 52, 54, 69, 88, 169, 170, 175, 193, 227
announcements9, 32, 38, 46, 47, 64, 67a, 69a, 69c, 69d, 105, 133, 154, 166, 201a
budget88, 90 - 92a
consultation78c, 132
debates52, 115
delegated acts105, 107
enhanced cooperation85
first reading59, 59a, 63, 63a
interpretation of Rules of Procedure226
key debates52
Members’ conduct11
motions for resolution170, III.1, IV.6
notice of petitions217
other institutions113
procedure without amendment and debate150
request for a vote69c
right to speak, conflict of interestsI.3
rules applicable mutatis mutandis to committees209
second reading64 - 69a
speaking time162
statements by Commission, Council and European Council123
third reading69g, 70, 72
transparency report116
verbatim report194
Points of order (see Order)
Political groups - (see Groups)
Political parties (European political parties)223a
budget88, 90, 94a
delegated acts105
disqualification procedure3
minority position, in reports52
of Commission45, 59, 64, 78b
of Council45, 55, 64, 66, 67, 67a, 69, 69a, 69e, 70, 170
of opinion giving committee (opinion or amendments)53
of Parliament59, 63, 63a, 69, 69d, 69e, 78d, 78e, 88, 193
of rapporteurs54
of Union109
parliamentary estimates97
to state a position45, 59, 67a, 78b, 108
to take a position132, 220
President of Parliament (see also Plenary, Sitting, Procedures etc.)
co-signatory for Parliament
 adopted acts (OLP)78
 texts adopted193
election15, 16
 overall fair representation, gender and geographical balance15
issuing of admission cards to plenary (see also Secretary-General)157
minutes of sitting, co-signatory of (see also Minutes, Secretary-General)192
termination (early)21
term of office19
with Presidents of other institutions63, 94a
President of the Commission
notification of result of motion of censure119
with Presidents of other institutions63, 94a
President of the Council
attendance at presentation of College of Commissioners118, VI.5
notification of result of motion of censure119
with Presidents of other institutions63, 94a
President of the European Council
allocation of speaking time in plenary162
attendance at presentation of College of Commissioners118, VI.5
questions for written answer from Members130
statements in plenary after each of its meetings123
Prevention of fraud and corruption12(fn)
Privileges and immunities5 - 9, V.XVI
Privileges of former Members11
budget86 - 92a, V.IV
conciliation (internal budgetary issues)97
conciliation (OLP)69g - 72, 90, V.XIX
discharge93 - 94, 98, IV, V.V
for voting
 in plenary150, 171, 174, 175, 176, 177, 178, 179, 179a, 180, 181, 182a, 183
 in committee208, 209
joint committee55
 general37 - 48
 in committee49 - 55, 206 - 211
 ordinary legislative procedure (OLP)
conciliation and third reading69g - 72
first reading,59 - 63a
interinstituional negotiations during69b - 69f
second reading64 - 69a
signing and publication78
scrutiny of voluntary agreements102
simplified50, 150
Procedural motions (see Motions)
Proceedings before the Court of Justice141, 179a, 221, IV.6
 of committee seats199
 of speaking time162
Principle, when adapting plenary rules to committee
 votes needed to object to oral amendments169
Proportionality (Article 5 TEU)42, 106, V.XVI, V.XVII
Provisional chair14
Provisional twelfths system (see Budget)92
Public access to documents (see Access, to documents)
Public hearings on citizens' initiatives211
 Bureau powers relating to Quaestors25
 role of Quaestors on24
 adoption of detailed rules on declarations of support to Intergroups34
 keeping a register of declarations of support to Intergroups34
 long-term access badges116a
 change of political allegiance during term19
 overall fair representation, gender and geographical balance15
 term of office19
questions to President in writing concerning31
brief and concise
 following statement by Commission, Council and European Council123
 following statement explaining Commission decisions124
for oral answer with debate128
for written answer (see also Interpellations)
 concerning the Single Resolution Mechanism131a
 concerning the Single Supervisory Mechanism131a
 criteria applicableII
 to the European Central Bank131
Question Time
to President concerning Bureau, Conference of Presidents and Quaestors31
to the European Central Bank131
unfinished business229
Question time
in committee210
in plenary129
Quorum135, 148, 168, 208
appointment of47, 49, 66, 205
associated committees54
committee of inquiry198
compromise amendments170
conciliation committee71
conflict of interestI.3
consent procedure99
consultation by President, urgent action to assert immunity8
Council meetings44
Court of Justice141
dismissal for breach of Code of Conduct etc.21
drafting of reports52a
duty to keep other rapporteurs informed54
examination of resignation of a Member4
first reading, vote in Parliament59
follow up to Parliament’s position78d
International agreements108, 109
interparliamentary delegations212
Joint committee procedure55
non-legislative reports51
opinion giving committees53
own-initiative reports52
postponing vote in Parliament45
procedure in plenary without amendment or debate150
second reading
 communication of Council’s position64
 presumption of continuity of office of rapporteur66
 vote in Parliament67a
shadow rapporteurs205a
short presentation151
simplified procedure50
speaking in plenary
 procedural motions185
study and fact-finding journeys25
urgent procedure154
voting in committee208
accession treaties81
access to documents
appointments and nominations
 Commissioners-designateVI.2, VI.3
 economic governance bodies122a
 head of Union external delegation111
 Members of the Court of Auditors121
 Members of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank122
 special representative110
breach by a Member States of fundamental principles and values83
breach of Code of ConductI.8
by committee responsible for subsidiarity
 to committee responsible for subject-matter
in respect of proposal for a legislative act42
by committee responsible for the subject-matter
 annexing opinion of committee responsible for subsidiarity42
 to do anything else42
 to Parliament
 to reject the proposal for infringement of subsidiarity42
by Conference of Committee Chairs
 to Conference of Presidents
drafting agendas of Part sessions29, 149
on competence of committees prior to referral47, 201a
work of committees29
by Conference of Delegation Chairs
 to Conference of Presidents
on the work of delegations30
committee coordinators205
conflict of interest, resolution of118
consent procedure
 calling on Parliament to approve or reject99
 including recommendations for implementation99
 time limit for committee to adopt99
delegated acts105
external action of the Union (CFSP)(see also CFSP above113, 113a
fact-finding visits216a
following inquiry198
for second reading
 by committee responsible
placed on draft agenda of part-session67
supported by short justification66
 Joint Committee procedure55
joint parliamentary committees214
multilinguism, transitional arrangement159
proceedings before the Court of Justice141, 179a
request to the Commission for submission of proposals, accompanied by46
Rule 99, adoption under54
Referral back to committee
Commission proposals
 for reconsideration or Interinstitutional negotiations59a, 69b
procedural motions185, 188
Referral to committee
international agreements108
legally binding acts47
Register (see also Website)
citizen’s initiatives (under Regulation (EU) No 211/2011)211
of annual declarations by Intergroups of support34
of assistants, by Members11
of attendance of Members148
of European political parties or European political foundations223a
of petitions215, 217, 218
transparency register11, 116a
application of the Rules of Procedure226
closure of debate189
committee amendments on Parliament’s position on the draft budget88
committee’s decision to enter into negotiations69c
consent procedure99
derogations to the adoption of the euro100
draft legislative act
 first reading, Commission proposal59
 second reading, Council's position66, 67a, 69a
election of the Commission118
European political parties and European political foundations223a
joint text, budgetary conciliation90
ordinary Treaty revision79
procedural motion to amend the agenda149a
request to enshrine agreement between management and labour in Council decision101
suspension or closure of sitting191
topical debate requested by a political group153a
urgent procedure154
venue of sittings and meetings147
voting174, 178, 179a
Relations with other institutions27, 37, 94a, 117 - 122a, 123 - 126, 137 - 139, 140
Renewed referral to Parliament63
Report (see also Procedures, Committee)
application of Union law132
by Commission132
by committee of inquiry198
combined with a motion for resolution133
 including minority opinions (Rule 52a)198
draft52a, 55, 160
from other institutions132
legislative49, 69c
non-legislative51, 52
on initiatives originating from Member States48
oral52, 154
own-initiative27, 45 - 46, 52, 132, 216, 220
Representation of Parliament in Council meetings44
legislative48, 49, 50, 59, 67a, 169, 171
Rights of former Members11
Rule of law83, 135, 224, 225, III, V.I
Rules of Procedure
amendment227, V.XVIII
application226, V.XVIII
deletion from107
Interinstitutional agreements, adoption resulting in need to amend140
Second reading (see Procedure)64 - 69a
amendments in committee stage
 general55, 64 - 66
 signature of amendments or draft proposal for rejection208
conflict between Rules on second reading and other Rules47
extension of time limits65
joint committee meetings55
plenary stage67, 67a, 69, 69a
rapporteur66, 71
recommendation for66, 67
Rules not applicable to second reading66
vote (see also Voting)67a, 208
Second report, referral back to committee188
Secrecy (see Confidentiality)198
Parliament’s25, 222
 advice to authors onII.3
 documents of, as “Parliament documents”116
 establishment plan of
role of Bureau222
 head of222
 identical or similar questionsII.3
 merger of related questions by SecretariatII.3
questions for written answer
 verbatim reports, oral contribution, deadline194
non-attached Members’ secretariat35, 205
political groups33
access to Chamber
 exclusion of Members from the Chamber165
 issue of admission cards (see also President of Parliament)157
appointment25, 222
co-signatory for Parliament
 of adopted acts (OLP)78
 texts adopted193
detailed arrangements for non-attached Members’ secretariats35
long-term access badges
 withdrawal or deactivation
authorisation of Quaestors116a
minutes of sitting, co-signatory of (see also Minutes, President of Parliament)192
Parliament’s Secretariat (see also Secretariat)222
proposals for Bureau decisions
 funding of a political party at European level
approval of final activity reports224
approval final financial statements224
delegation of Bureau powers to Secretary-General224
distribution to beneficiaries224
suspension, reduction or recovery of funding224
technical assistance to political parties at European level224
 measures to implement the transparency register116a
 multilingualism, transitional arrangement159
 technical assistance224
report on preliminary draft estimates96
Sensitive documents116
Sessions145 - 148
Shadow rapporteurs (see Rapporteurs)
Short presentation procedure52, 151
accession treaty
 submission of draft agreement to Parliament before signature81
 trigger for appointment of observers13
adopted acts78, 193, VII.1
 draft budget88
 in committee, second reading208
attendance register (see also Sitting)148
Bureau decisions
 on European Political parties and European Political foundations223a
determining thresholds, form168
documents, electronic161
Interinstitutional agreements140
Joint declaration, legislative programming37
minutes, sitting192
motion for resolution123, 133
Multiannual programming, joint conclusions118a
notification by Member of resignation4
statement setting up a political group32
written declaration, Members3
Simplification of Union legislation (see also Codification and Recast)V.XVI
procedure49, 50, 150
Treaty revision80, V.XVIII
Single Resolution Mechanism
questions for written answer concerning131a
Single Resolution Board
 appointments of Chair, Vice-Chair and full time members of122a
Single Supervisory Mechanism
appointments of Chair and Vice-Chair of Supervisory Board122a
questions for written answer concerning131a
Sittings (see also Plenary)145
attendance of Members148
audio visual
 record of hearings, Commissioners-designateVI.3
 record of sittings
deletion of parts of speeches165
Conduct25, 52a, 157, 158, 159, 160, 161, 162, 163, 164, 164a
 internal appeal procedures167, 191
 suspension of Member from participation in166
public record192, 194 - 195
suspension, closure191
 application of plenary rules to committee209
as a consequence of leaving the chair165
duties of22
 Procedural motions for185, 191
voting procedure191
verbatim report194
Speaking (see also Statements)
adopting and amending the agenda149a
agenda, adopting and amending149a
blue card162
calling upon Members to speak
 mandate to negotiate before Parliament’s first reading69c
“catch the eye”151
criteria for allocation of speaking time162
 application to committees206
 breaches of human rights, democracy and the rule of law135
limitation and allocation ofIII.6
 closure of a debate, speeches189
 put to vote without150
explanations of votes183
hearing of Commissioners-designateVI.3
list of speakers
 closure of debate189
one minute speeches163
personal statements164
points of order184a
procedural motions185
question for oral answer with debate128
question time129
speeches163, 189
urgent procedure
 before the vote154
Special committees29, 197, 203
Special representatives110
Standards of conduct11, 165, 166, 167
 explaining Commission decisions124
 general123, 124
 hearing, Commissioners-designateVI.3
 President of the Commission124
Court of Auditors125
 by candidates nominated as Members of the Court of Auditors121
European Central Bank126
European Council
 President of the European Council123
nominee for President of Commission117
personal (see Speakers)201
Studies and fact-finding missions201
Subcommittees201, 203
Subsidiarity (Article 5 TEU) (see also National parliaments)39, 42, 106, V.XVI, V.XVII
appointment of rapporteur
 committee responsible49, 51
 opinion giving committee53
committee of inquiry, right to vote198
delegation to the Conciliation Committee71
right to request interpretation in committee and delegation meetings158
tabling of proposals in committee responsible66
verification of credentials, ranking3
voting in committee208
Symbols of the Union (see also Motto)228
Termination (early)4, 21, 166
Term of office
Texts adopted193
Third countries
accession negotiations81, 214
Accession Treaties81
associated with the Union214
cultural cooperationV.XV
democracy, rule of law and human rights inIII.1
international tradeV.III
motions for resolution addressed to, priority in plenaryIII.1
movements of capital originating inV.VI
Partnership Agreement for cooperation with third countriesIII.1
relations with214, V.I
Third reading
Conciliation Committee
 Parliament’s delegation to
failure to agree, statement in Parliament by72
membership of54, 55, 71
procedural guidelines for71
reporting back to Parliament71
Conciliation procedure69g - 72
 prohibition on referral back to committee72
conflict between Rules on third reading and other Rules47
joint text72
 amendments, inadmissible72
 placed on agenda of sitting72
 voting in Parliament72
non-application of Rules 49, 50 and 53c72
plenary stage72
time limits69g
Thresholds (see also Voting)168a
Tied votes
Committee of Inquiry, documents received198
Council’s position64
minutes of Bureau and Conference of Presidents31
requests to Commission for submission of proposals46
Transitional arrangement159
verbatim reports, extract from, on request194
during legislative process43
legislation, standing committee responsible forV.XVII
Members' financial interestsI.4, I.5
of Parliament’s activities115, 116
register4(fn), 11, 116a
Treaty revision (see also Accession)
ordinary revision79
simplified revision80
Unfinished business229
Union law
breach of141
Committee of inquiry, implementation of198
committee responsible for the interpretation and application of40, V.XVI
implementing acts and measures106
Petitions, own initiative report (Rule 52)216
“United in diversity” (see Motto)
Unofficial groupings of members34
Urgent procedure154
committee199, 204
Member3, 4
Officers19, 20
Venue of sittings and meetings147
Verbatim report (see also Plenary)126, 162, 194, 195, 206
credentials3, 14, V.XV
financial compatibility41
legal basis39, 46
political party at European level224, V.XVI
subsidiarity and proportionality (Article 5 TEU)39
Vice-President of the Commission/High Representative110, 111, 113, 113a, 128, 130a, 130b
duties23 - 25, 27, 71, 90, 94, 116, 143, 211
early termination of office21
election15, 17
 overall fair representation, gender and geographical balance15
precedence order17
term of office19
Voluntary agreements102
Voting171 - 174, 176 - 178, 180 - 184, 189
adjournment of a vote108, 185, 190, 209
amendments169, 174, 175, 179, 208
announcement of results, in plenary22
breach by a Member State of fundamental principles and values83
 in committee88
 in plenary
budgetary conciliation, joint text, single vote90
draft budget
. amendments, section by section88
. motion for resolution88
vote on confirmation of amendments to joint text90
casting vote (see tied)
 in plenary, single vote, unamended103
collectively135, 174
 asking for Commission’s position on committee amendments before final vote78b
 associated committee
amendments from, accepted without vote54, 107
 draft Budget88
 joint committee procedure
voted on by the committees involved55, 107
recommendation for second reading55
 opinion-giving committee
amendments, put to the vote in committee responsible53
 provisional agreement, single vote69f
 recommendations on Union external policies113
explanatory statement, not put to the vote52a
justifications, not put to the vote49
result of the vote, indicated in report52a
Consent procedure
 in committee
recommendation to Parliament
. statement not put to the vote99
in plenary
. accession treaties81
. opinion of Court of Justice requested, adjournment of vote108
. single vote on issue of consent, no right to amend99, 108
. withdrawal from the Union82
Consultation procedure, plenary78c
delegated acts
disputes on voting182a
electronic voting system178, 180, 181, 182a, 209
explanations of123, 135, 164a, 183
final vote42, 46, 78b, 123, 133, 171, 179, 183, 208
first reading (see Voting, OLP)
justifications, not put to the vote49, 53
 negotiations ahead of Council’s first reading
in committee69d
 negotiations ahead of Parliament’s first reading
in plenary69c
Multiannual financial framework86
observers, no right to vote13
OLP (ordinary legislative procedure)
 on amendments to the draft legislative resolution59, 67a
 on further proposal for rejection, after vote on amendments (second reading)67a
 on joint text, single, no amendments (third reading)72
 on legal basis, if disputed, before substance39
 on proposal for immediate rejection59, 67a
 on provisional agreement59, 67a
 on referral back to committee (first reading)59
 on request to vote on amendments before provisional agreement59, 67a
 on whole draft, after vote on amendments (first reading)59
order (priority)22, 59, 171, 174
postponement39, 45, 59, 118, IV.5
procedure171, 208
right to vote
 of Members177
 of non-attached Members in Conference of Presidents26
 of observers13
roll call voting118, 119, 179, 180, 181, 208, 209, VI.5
second reading (see also Voting, OLP)
 in committee66
 in plenary67a
secret ballot
committee bureaux204
committees, composition, amendments to proposal of Conference of Presidents (CoPs)199
Officers15, 17
other institutions and bodies117, 121, 122, 122a, VI.10
 explanations of votes, inadmissible183
 procedure180a, 209
separate vote9, 52, 59, 174, 175
show of hands178, 182a, 208
single vote52, 59, 69f, 72, 90, 99, 100, 103, 108, 150, 170, 179, 208, 216
sitting and standing (instead of electronic voting system)178
split votes52, 59, 164a, 174, 175, 176, 179a, 209
third reading (see Voting, OLP)
 committee bureaux204
 election of Officers16, 17, 18
 in Bureau24
 in committee209
 in plenary179a
validity (see Quorum)
Waiver of immunity6, 7, 9
Website31, 34, 116, 130, 130a, 130b, 131, 166, 183, 195, 215, 216, 217, I.4, VI.3
Withdrawal from the Union82
Work programme
Commission37, 47
Court of Auditors125
Written declarations
appended to the verbatim report162
by Members
 of financial interests (see Financial interests, Declaration)I.4
 of holding no office incompatible with that of Member3
minority opinions52a
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