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products of the campaign for the european elections 2019

The toolkit provides templates and ready to print files of different products prepared by the European Parliament in the framework of the campaign for the European Elections 2019.


Banner Patronage

The "patronage signature" has to be included by the beneficiaries of the European Parliament patronage in all their communication products.

Cultural Diversity

Cultural diversity - Lux Prize

The European Parliament is a model – and a symbol – of cultural diversity. With its 766 Members, it is one of the world’s largest and most diverse international parliamentary bodies.

Mute logo (the logo is common to all languages)

The mute logo should be used on all supports where the context makes it clear that the communication originates from the European Parliament (internal signage, databases, videos ...). It should also be used on all promotional materials which are not language specific or where there is not enough space to use the monolingual logo (pens,...).