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Post-elections material

In democracies, citizens have the power to choose who’s in charge. In the European Union, they mainly do this by electing the European Parliament. These elections create the new balance of political forces in Europe, they set the political direction of the EU for five years to come, and they determine who will run the EU’s executive, the European Commission. Your votes translate into our action. Here’s how it works.

Open Doors Day

Open Day

Every year, Europe Day (9 May) honours the anniversary of the Schuman Declaration, made in 1950 by the then Foreign Minister of France, Robert Schuman, which led directly to the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC). Each year around that date, the EU institutions open their doors to the public in Brussels and Strasbourg. Local EU offices in Europe and all over the world organise a variety of activities and events for all ages.

Go to vote

Go to vote phase

The European elections 2014 are now at our doorstep. We are in the last phase of the institutional information campaign, the so called Go to vote phase, which will end on May 25, the last day of the elections. For this phase, the European Parliament conceived and produced a large set of communication items, all at your disposal on the Download centre!