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Graphic charter

Graphic Charter, Visual guidelines

In this section you can find the final version of the logo guidelines as well as broader visual identity guidelines which will be updated on a regular basis. If you would like to be informed of new updates, please subscribe to our "Visual Identity" mailing list!

Human Rights

Human Rights, Sakharov Prize

The European Parliament ensures that human rights are at the top of the European agenda. It takes initiatives in a range of areas such as preventing torture, the protection of minorities, conflict prevention, the protection of human rights activists, and the rights of indigenous people. By participating in election observation missions, the European Parliament makes a further contribution to strengthening democracy in third world countries.

Cultural Diversity

Cultural diversity - Lux Prize

The European Parliament is a model – and a symbol – of cultural diversity. With its 766 Members, it is one of the world’s largest and most diverse international parliamentary bodies.

The European Parliament: The citizen's voice in the European Union

EP Brochure - The citizen's voice in the European Union

The brochure, which includes an introduction by President Antonio Tajani, starts by reviewing in brief the European Union's main achievements and the roles of its institutions before describing the work, powers and structure of Parliament. It goes on to outline how members of the public can visit Parliament and find out more about its history and how it works and about the European integration process in general.