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*BERES Pervenche    b. 10.3.1957. 1981-1992 official in the National Assembly. Various Socialist party posts from 1993. MEP since 1994 and leader of French Socialist delegation to the European Parliament since 1987. Vice President of the PES Group.

*CARLOTTI Marie-Arlette    b. 21.1.1952. Posts in the Young Socialist movement from 1972. Other party posts since 1983. Elected General Councillor and Regional Councillor in March 1998, but has resigned the latter post. MEP since 1996.

*CAUDRON Gérard    b. 27.2.1945. Mayor of Villeneuve-d'Ascq since 1977. Founder of "Citizen of Europe" association in 1989 and chair of European Movement since 1998. MEP since 1989 and chair since 1994 of EP Delegation for Relations with Israel.

*DARRAS Danielle    b. 22.12.1943. Management secretary. Deputy Mayor of Lievin. Local councillor and Vice-Chair of Pas-de-Calais regional council. MEP since 1994.

*DARY Michel    b. 20.9.1945. Company director. Regional councillor. First Vice-President of Radical Left Party. MEP since 1994.

DÉSIR Harlem    Aged 39. Former President of "SOS Racisme". Member of the Economic and Social Council.

*DUHAMEL Olivier    b. 2.5.1950. University lecturer in law and political science. Adviser to President of Constitutional Council (1983-1995). Member of Advisory Council for the revision of the la Constitution (1992-1993). Member of National Advisory Committee on Human Rights since 1994. Founder and director of various journals and consulative groups. MEP since June 1997.

FRUTEAU Jean-Claude    b. 6.6.1947. First Federal Secretary of PS of La Réunion since 1981. General Councillor (1982) and mayor of Saint-Benoît since 1983. Second Vice-President of La Réunion General Council 1994-1998.

*GAROT Georges    b. 1936. Farmer. National Secretary of the party. MEP since 1997.


GILLIG Marie-Hélène    b. 15.3.1946. Local councillor. Deputy mayor 1989-1997 then first deputy mayor of Strasbourg. Deputy chair of Urban Community of Strasbourg since 1989.

GUY-QUINT Catherine    b. 1.9.1949. Teacher (1973-1978). Manager of consultancy (1981- 1992) and of construction company (1986-1992). Local councillor (1982-1989). Member of Federal Bureau of PS (1984). Mayor since 1989. Various party posts and also Deputy Secretary General of Association of French Mayors.

HAZAN Adeline    Aged 43. Lawyer. Adviser to Ministry of Employment and Solidarity since June 1997. Party posts since since 1994. Regional councillor since March 1998. President of Magistrates' Union (1986-1990).

**HOLLANDE François    b. 12.8.1954. Auditor. Special assistant to the French President (1981-1982) and Director of ministerial private offices (1983). Elected to national parliament in 1988. Vice-President of Limousin Regional Council since April 1998. First Secretary of Socialist Party since November 1997.

*LALUMIERE Catherine    b. 3.8.1935. Local councillor. Former minister and former member national parliament. Former Secretary General of the Council of Europe. Former member national parliament. MEP since 1994.

*LIENEMANN Marie-Noëlle    b. 12.7.1951. Teacher. Deputy mayor (1972-1989) then mayor of Athis-Mons (since 1989). Member of national parliament 1988-1992. Minister for housing and the quality of life (1992-1993). Vice-president of association of mayors of France. Senior party posts. MEP since 1997.

NAþR Sami        Aged 52. Lecturer and writer in political science. Specialist in the areas of immigration, integration and development.

PATRIE Béatrice    b. 12.5.1957. Barrister (1979-1981). Magistrate (1981-1996). Adviser to private office of Jean-Pierre Chevènement, Minister of the Interior (responsible for legal affairs and civil liberties). Vice-President of Citizens' Movement since 1994.

POIGNANT Bernard    b. 19.9.1945. Teacher (1967-1995). Various posts in the Member of Socialist party. Steering Committee of Socialist Party since 1981. Former national MP and local and regional representative. Mayor of Quimper since March 1989 and Secretary General of Association of French Mayors since 1998.


*ROCARD Michel    b. 23.8.1930. Inspector of Finances. Various ministerial posts since 1981. Prime Minister 1988-91. Former leader of the Socialist Party. Mayor of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine. MEP since 1994 and chair of Development Committee in outgoing parliament.

ROURE Martine    b. 28.9.1948. Teacher. Deputy head of school in an "education priority area". Specialist in education and child law. Member of PS Federal Council since 1986 and alternate member of National Council (1992- 1994). Member of CFDT trade union.

SAVARY Gilles    b. 6.12.1954. Teacher. Economic adviser and head of private office in regional and national government.

ZIMERAY François    Aged 37. Barrister. Mayor and General Councillor of Petit Quévilly.


ABITBOL William    b. 6.9.1949. President of Demain la France. Director of Collège d'Etudes Politiques (Leonardo da Vinci university programme).

*BERTHU Georges    b. 14.5.1950. Civil servant. Secretary-General of UAP International (1987-1990). MEP since 1994 (Vice-Chair of Institutional Affairs Committee).

CAULLERY Isabelle    b. 17.8.1955. Local councillor since 1995 and regional councillor since 1996.

COUTEAUX Paul-Marie    b. 31.7.1956. Public official. Since 1995 lecturer at the Institute of European Studies at Paris University VIII. Lecturer at the School of International Studies. Member of the French Committee for UNESCO.

GARAUD Marie-France    b. 6.3.1934. Senior adviser at Court of Auditors since 1998. President of Institut international de géopolitique (1982).

KUNTZ Florence    b. 9.6.1969. Teaches at Lyon III University. RPR Regional Councillor of Rhône-Alpes.

de LA PERRIERE Thierry    b. 1.1.1953. Lieutenant Colonel. Head of Philippe de Villiers' private office on Vendée Regional Council (1992- 1999).


MARCHIANI Jean-Charles    b. 6.8.1943. Prefect of the Var region (1995-1997). Prefect and Secretary General of Paris Defence Area (1997). French trade adviser since 1989.

MONTFORT Elizabeth    b. 29.6.1954 in Nantes. Vice-President of Regional Council of Auvergne. Local councillor, Rion.

PASQUA Charles    b. 18.4.27. Businessman. Member of Union pour la Nouvelle République. Co-founder of RPR. Senator. Chair of RPR Group. Various ministerial posts 1986 and 1993-1995. President of General Council of Hauts-de-Seine.

*SOUCHET Dominique    b. 9.7.1946. Diplomat. Regional councillor, Loire. Mayor of Luçon. Delegate of President of Regional Council for Marine Fisheries. MEP since 1994 (Vice-Chair of Group of Independents for a Europe of Nations and Vice-Chair of EP Fisheries Committee).

THOMAS-MAURO Nicole    b. 6.6.1951. Organiser of family associations. Regional coordinator of Mouvement pour la France.

**de VILLIERS Philippe    b. 25.3.1949. Minister of State at Ministry of Culture and Communications (1986-1987). MP for Vendée (1987-1994). MEP (1994-1997). Leader of Movement for France. Re-elected to National Assembly in 1997. President of General Council of Vendée.


DAUL Joseph    b. 13.4.1947. Farmer. Chair of National Cattle Federation. Vice-Chair of FNSEA (French Federation of Farmers' Unions). Chair of Working Party on Meat of the Committee of Agricultural Organisations in the EU. Mayor of Pfettisheim (Alsace).

*GROSSETÊTE Françoise    b. 17.5.1946. Deputy Mayor of Saint-Etienne. National secretary for Equal Opportunities and Member of Political Bureau of Liberal Democracy. MEP since 1994.

*HERMANGE Marie-Thérèse    b. 17.9.1947. Deputy Mayor of Paris, responsible for children and the family. MEP since 1994.

*JEAN-PIERRE Thierry    b. 27.7.1955. Investigating magistrate. Founder of Forum for Justice, an association seeking to bring about the independence of the judiciary. MEP since 1994.

*KAROUTCHI Roger    b. 26.8.1951. Vice-President of Regional Council of Ile-de-France. MEP since October 1997.


**MADELIN Alain    b. 23.3.1946. Leader of Liberal Democracy. MP for and Mayor of Redon (Brittany). Various ministerial posts since 1986. Chair of Association for Individual Initiative and Enterprise.

    b. 2.1.1942. Insurance consultant. First Deputy Mayor of Bordeaux. Vice- chair of Urban Community of Bordeaux, responsible for transport, and Chair of Tourist Office. General councillor of Gironde.

    b. 6.3.1949. Managing director of family firm. Vice-President of General Council of Indre-et-Loire. Vice-Chair of UDF Group.

SAÏFI Tokia        b. 11.7.1959. Founder in 1986 of the association "Espace-Intégration" and in 1999 of national movement to encourage equality and involvement in politics of French people of immigrant origin.

**SARKOZY Nicolas    b. 28.1.1955. Acting leader of the RPR. Member of the national parliament and Mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine. Lawyer. Minister for the Budget (1993-1995).

SUDRE Margie    b. 17.10.1943. Former Minister of State for La Francophonie. Regional councillor of La Réunion.

de VEYRAC Christine
    b. 6.11.1959. Responsibility for European Affairs under President Giscard d'Estaing.

LES VERTS (Greens)

AUROI Danielle    Aged 54. Teacher. Trade union organiser. Member of Greens since 1988. Regional councillor since March 1998. Deputy mayor, with responsibility for participatory democracy and the quality of life.

BOUMEDIENNE-THIERY    Aged 42. Leader of Group of Associations of Young People
    Alima        of Immigrant Origin (1986). Administrator of EU Migrants' Forum (1987- 1992). Founder of Radio Féminin Pluriel in Ile de France (1992-1993). Local councillor in 1995. Joined Greens in 1998.

*COHN-BENDIT Daniel    b. 4.4.1945. Journalist. Founder of Frankfurt magazine Pflasterstrand. Member of German Greens since 1984. Deputy mayor of Frankfurt, responsible for multicultural affairs (1989- 1997). MEP since 1994.


FLAUTRE Hélène    Aged 40. Teacher. Local councillor 1989-1992. Worked in the Regional Council.

ISLER BEGUIN Marie-Anne    b. 30.6.1956. Teacher 1979-1981. Founder of ECOLOR consultancy, specialising in environmental issues (1981). MEP 1989-1994. Vice-President of European Parliament 1991-1994. Spokesperson for French Greens since 1994.

LIPIETZ Alain    b. 19.9.1947. Civil engineer. Lecturer. Regional councillor 1992-1994. National spokesperson for Greens (March 1997-November 1998).

ONESTA Gérard    b. 5.8.1960. Architect. Joined Greens in 1986. Co-founder of European Federation of Young Ecologists 1988. MEP 1991-1994. Represented European Parliament at the Earth Summit. National spokesperson for the Greens 1994.

PIETRASANTA Yves    b. 19.8.1939. Chemical engineer. Teacher. Mayor of Mèze since 1977 and Vice-President of General Council of Hérault. Founder of Ecologist Party. Joined Greens in November 1997. President of French Institute of the Environment until 1995.

ROD Didier Claude    Aged 48. Doctor. Joined PSU (Unified Socialist Party) in 1969. Party posts 1986-1990. Joined Greens in 1992. Spokesperson of Greens in Ile de France (1994-1997).


**BAYROU François    b. 1951. Leader of New UDF since September 1998. President of Regional Council of Pyrénées-Atlantiques since 1992. MP for Pyrénées-Atlantiques (elected in 1986, 1988, 1993 and 1997). National Education Minister (1993-1997).

*BOURLANGES Jean-Louis    
b. 13.7.1946. Advisory Judge to French Court of Auditors. Chair of European Movement (France) since 1995. Regional councillor of Haute-Normandie (1986-98). MEP since 1989.

CORNILLET Thierry    b. 1951. Mayor of Montélimar since 1989. Vice-President of Regional Council of Rhône-Alpes.

*DECOURRIERE Francis    b. 22.11.1936. Director of sales and marketing. Leader of New UDF (Northern Region). Member of programming committees for structural funds. Member of Association for Development of Valenciennes. MEP since 1994.


*FONTAINE Nicole     b. 16.1.1942. Deputy Secretary-General then Delegate General on French Catholic Education Board (1972-1984). Member of Political Bureau of New UDF and Chair of New UDF Committee for Relations with European Institutions. MEP since 1984 (Vice- President since 1989; First Vice-President since 1994; Standing Member of Conciliation Committee; Chair of EP Delegation to COSAC (Conference of European Affairs Committees).

FOURTOU Janelly    b. 1939. Local councillor of Neuilly-sur-Seine since 1983, responsible for housing, then employment.

b. 1944. Conseiller Maître to French Court of Auditors. Minister- Delegate for European Affairs (1993-1995). Minister-Delegate for the Budget (1995- 1997). Former MEP (1989-1993). Mayor of Anglet. Deputy leader of New UDF.

MORILLON Philippe    b. 1935. Army general. Commander of UNPROFOR in Bosnia- Hercegovina (1992-93). Commander of FAR (Rapid Reaction Force) (1994-96). Chair of Intermininsterial Committee of 12th World Youth Congress in Paris (1997)

de SARNEZ Marielle    b. 1951. Delegate-General, UDF organisation. Member of Secretariat of States General of the opposition (1989). Technical adviser, then head of private office, of Minister of Education (1993- 97).


*AINARDI Sylviane    b. 19.12.1947. Teacher. Local and regional councillor and member of Central Committee of French Communist Party. MEP since July 1989.
BOUDJENAH Yasmine    b. 21.12.1970. Former local councillor. Former national secretary of young communist students. Former member national youth body of young communists.

FRAISSE Geneviève    Aged 50. Director of Research Unit. Former member of government for Women's Rights movement.

HUE Robert        b. 19.10.1946. Mayor of Montignies-les-Cormeilles. Former general councillor. National secretary of the party. Member of national party since 1977.

SYLLA Fodé        b. 23.1.1963. Young Christian Workers activist. Former President 'SOS Racisme'.


*WURTZ Francis    b. 3.1.1948. Teacher. Various party posts. Secretary Committee for the Defence of Freedom and Human Rights. MEP since 1979.


BERNIÉ Jean-Louis    45 years old. Regional Councillor of Pays de la Loire. Director of Loire-Atlantique Hunting Association.

BUTEL Yves        50 years old. Physiotherapist. Deputy mayor of Abbeville. President of Hunting Federation of the Somme.

ESCLOPÉ Alain    57 years old. Headmaster. President of Hunting Federation of Pyrénées-Orientales. Regional Councillor of Languedoc Roussillon. Member of National Executive Committee of CPNT.

MATHIEU Véronique    43 years old. Vice-President and founder of association of private gamekeepers. Administrator of association of big game hunters.

RAYMOND Michel    48 years old. Vice-President of Burgundy Regional Council (Delegate for Agriculture and the Environment). President of Saune et Loire Association of Water Game Hunters and Vice-President of Saune et Loire Hunting Federation. Secretary General of CPNT.

SAINT-JOSSE Jean    53 years old. Company director. Regional councillor. Mayor of Coarraze. Founding president of CPNT (1989).


*DE GAULLE Charles    b. 25.9.1948. International lawyer. MEP since 1993.

*GOLLNISCH Bruno J-J.M.    b. 28.1.1950. Lawyer. University professor specialising in Japanese. Regional councillor. Vice-president of Group. MEP since 1989.

*LANG Carl        b. 20.9.1957. Physiotherapist. President of Group. Regional councillor. MEP since 1989.

*LE PEN Jean-Marie    b. 20.6.1928. Company director. Founder and President of the Party. Former member of national Parliament. MEP since 1984. Leader of the Right Group in the European Parliament.

*MARTINEZ Jean-Claude    b. 30.7.1945. University lecturer. Regional counsellor. Former member of the national parliament. MEP since 1989.



BORDES Armonia    b. 1945. Employee at Roussel-Uclaf since 1971. Member of Bobigny Industrial Tribunal for 9 years.

CAUQUIL Chantal    50 years old. Worker. Communications officer for "Assurances générale de France". Member of National Executive of Lutte ouvrière.

KRIVINE Alain    57 years old. Journalist. Joined French Communist Party in 1959. Expelled in 1965. In 1974 founded "Ligue communiste révolutionnaire", of which he is the spokesman.

LAGUILLER Arlette    b. 1940. Started work for Crédit Lyonnais at age 16. Joined PSU (Unified Socialist Party) in 1960. Joined Lutte ouvrière after events of May 1968. Member of National Executive of Lutte ouvrière since it was founded. Local councillor of Lilas (1995) and Regional Councillor of Ile de France (1998). In early retirement.

VACHETTA Roseline    47 years old. Special-needs teacher. Member of National Executive of "Ligue communiste révolutionnaire". Member of CGT trade union. Coordinator for prevention of petty crime in Grenoble and leading member of Ras l'front (movement set up to combat the Front national).

**member of national parliament


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