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*ANDREWS Niall    Dublin.        b. 19.8.1937. EnFormer Minister of State. MEP since 1984.

*COLLINS Gerard    Munster.        b.16.10.1938. Public representative. Member of Dail (Irish Parliament) 1967-1997. Minister for Foreign Affairs 1982 and 1989-92 and other ministerial posts. MEP since 1994 and a Vice President of Parliament since 1998.

*CROWLEY Brian    Munster.        b 4.3.1964. Previously a rock singer, disc jockey in a local radio station and sales manager in a printing company. Senator since 1993 where he was party spokesperson on justice and law reform. MEP since 1994.

*FITZSIMONS Jim    Leinster.        b 16.12.1936. Member of Dail (Irish Parliament) 1977- 89. Former Minister of State. MEP since 1984.

*GALLAGHER Pat the Cope    Connacht/Ulster.        b. 10.3.1948. Member of Dail (Irish Parliament) 1981-97. Former Minister of State in various departments. MEP since 1994.

*HYLAND Liam    Leinster.        b 23.4.1933. Farmer and former local councillor. Member of Dail (Irish Parliament) from 1981-97 and former Minister of State. MEP since 1994.


*BANOTTI Mary    Dublin.        b 29.5.1939. Former nurse and presenter of television programmes on social welfare. MEP since 1984 and Fine Gael's Presidential candidate in 1997.

*CUSHNAHAN John    Munster.        b 23.7.1948. Former public relations and public affairs consultant. General secretary of the Alliance Party of Northern Ireland 1979-82 and leader 1984-87. Former member of the Northern Ireland Housing Executive and the Northern Ireland Assembly 1982-86. MEP since 1989. Vice chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee in outgoing Parliament.


**DOYLE Senator Avril    Leinster.        b. April 1949. Senator. Formerly a local councillor and first female Mayor of Wexford in 1976. Member of the Dail (Irish Parliament) 1982-89 and 1993-97. Held a number of ministerial posts.

*McCARTIN Joe    Connacht/Ulster.        b. 24.4.1939. Former farmer, businessman, local councillor and Senator. Member of the Dail (Irish Parliament) 1981-89. MEP since 1979.


*AHERN Nuala    Leinster.    b. 5.2.1949. Former Counselling psychologist and local councillor. MEP since 1994.

*McKENNA Patricia    Dublin. b. 13.3.1957. Former teacher and founding member of the Women's Environmental Network. MEP since 1994.


**DE ROSSA Proinsias    Dublin.        b. May 1940. A member of the Dail (Irish Parliament) since 1982. Leader of the Workers Party 1988-92 and Democratic Left from 1992-99 when it merged with the Labour party. Currently President of the Labour Party. Minister for Social Welfare between 1994-97. An MEP 1989-92.


*COX Pat        Munster.        b.28.11.1952. Former lecturer and television presenter. Previously General Secretary of the Progressive Democrat Party. Member of the Dail (Irish Parliament) 1992-94. An MEP since 1989, initially as a Progressive Democrat and after 1994 as an Independent. Leader of the European Liberal Democrats Group in the outgoing European Parliament.

SCALLON Dana Rosemary    Connacht-Ulster.        b. 30.8.1951.     Former winner of the Eurovision Song Contest. Anti-abortion campaigner.

*current MEP
**dual mandate


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