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ATKINS Rt Hon Sir Robert     North West.        b. 15.2.46. Currently a public affairs and sports sponsorship consultant. MP from 1979 to 1997 holding various ministerial posts.

BEAZLEY Christopher    Eastern.        b. 5.9.52. Writer and adviser on central and eastern European affairs and former local councillor, university academic and teacher. MEP 1984-1994.

**BETHELL Lord Nicholas    London.        b. 19.7.38. Member of the House of Lords, writer and broadcaster on human rights issues and consultant to the Police Federation. MEP between 1979 and 1994.

BOWIS John    London.          b. 2.8.1945. Currently an International Policy Adviser on mental health at the World Health Organisation. MP 1987-1997 and held various ministerial posts. Also a former local councillor.

BRADBOURN Philip    West Midlands.        b. 9.8.1951. Currently adviser to Conservative Group Leader on local council. Previously held posts in local councils, mainly based around planning..

BUSHILL-MATTHEWS Phillip    West Midlands.        b. 15.1.43. Currently a company managing director, he has principally worked in food companies.

CALLANAN Martin    North East.        b. 8.8.61. Engineering projects manager and formerly an engineer. Previously a local councillor.

*CHICHESTER Giles    South West.        b. 29.7.1946. Publisher. An MEP since 1994, British Conservative spokesperson on research, technological development and energy and regional policy in the outgoing Parliament.

*CORRIE John    West Midlands.        b. 29.7.1935. MP 1974-1987. Member of parliamentary assemblies of Council of Europe and Western European Union 1983-87. MEP 1975-79 and since 1994, British Conservative spokesperson on employment and social affairs in the outgoing Parliament.

DEVA Nirj        South East.        b. 11.5.1948. Company chairman and former member of the National Consumer Council. MP 1992-1997.

DOVER Den    North West.         b. 4.4.38. Head of Ready-Mixed Concrete Bureau - a trade association. MP 1979-1997. Formerly employed in construction management in local government.

*ELLES James    South East.        b. 3.9.1949. Formerly employed in international accounting and in the European Commission. MEP since 1984, British Conservative spokesperson on budgets and European People's Party Group Budgets Coordinator in the outgoing Parliament.

EVANS Jonathan.    Wales.        b. 2.6.50. Director of insurance for a law firm. MP 1992- 1997. Former chief Conservative Party spokesman on Wales, he also held other ministerial posts.

FOSTER Jacqui    North West.        b. 30.12.1947. Employed in British Airways Cabin Services and a trade union representative.

GOODWILL Robert    Yorkshire and the Humber.        b. 31.12.1956. Farmer and businessman.

HANNAN Daniel    South East.        b 1.9.71. Journalist specialising in EU and foreign affairs, he was also political adviser to former Conservative Shadow Foreign Secretary Michael Howard.

HARBOUR Malcolm    West Midlands.        b. 19.2.47. Previously employed by Rover Car company, he is currently the founder partner of the Motor Industry Consulting and Research Company.

HEATON-HARRIS Christopher    East Midlands.        b. 26.11.1967. Chairman of fruit and vegetable company.

HELMER Roger    East Midlands.        b 25.1.44. Former managing director of a garments supplier company and Vice-Chairman, British Chamber of Commerce, South Korea.

**INGLEWOOD Lord Richard    North West.        b. 31.7.51. Farmer, lawyer and chartered surveyor. Various ministerial posts in the House of Lords. MEP 1989-1994.

*JACKSON Caroline    South West.        b. 5.11.1946. Former university academic and local councillor, subsequently worked in the European Parliament. An MEP since 1984, British Conservative spokesperson on environment and consumer protection and women's rights in the outgoing Parliament.

KHANBHAI Bashir    Eastern.        b. 22.9.1945. Employed in the pharmaceutical industry, export and business.

KIRKHOPE Timothy    Yorkshire and the Humber.    b. 29.4.1945. A lawyer, business consultant on central and eastern Europe and former county councillor. MP 1987-1997 and a Government Whip (party manager) 1990-95 and Junior Minister at the Home Office 1995-97.

*MCMILLAN-SCOTT Edward    Yorkshire and the Humber.          b. 15.8.1949. Formerly a political consultant and adviser to the Falklands Islands' government. MEP since 1984, chair of the British Conservatives and spokesperson on foreign affairs, defence and human rights in the outgoing Parliament. He also specialises in tourism industry issues, notably the campaign against fraud.

NEWTON DUNN Bill    East Midlands.        b 3.10.1941. Chairman of a fruit and vegetable wholesalers company.

PARISH Neil    South West.        b.26.5.1956. Farmer and businessman. Former local councillor.

*PERRY Roy    South East.        b. 12.2.1943. Former lecturer, local councillor and Leader of Test Valley Borough Council. MEP since 1994, British Conservative spokesperson on culture, education and the media and also on sport and institutional affairs in the outgoing Parliament.

*PROVAN James    South East.        b.19.12.1936. Farmer and businessman and a former Area President of the Scottish National Farmers' Union. MEP 1979-89 and since 1994, British Conservative spokesperson on fisheries and animal welfare in the outgoing Parliament.

PURVIS John    Scotland.        b. 8.5.1936. Owner of a consulting business specialising in European business strategy, marketing and finance. Owns a farm. MEP 1979-1984.

STEVENSON Struan    Scotland.        b. 4.4.1948. Director of a family farming and tourism business and director of a firm of consultants. Former local councillor.

**STOCKTON Earl Alexander    South West.        b. 10.10.1943. President of publishing company. Former journalist and chairman of training company. Grandson of Harold Macmillan a former Prime Minister.

*STURDY Robert    Eastern.        b. 22.6.1944. Farmer and member of National Farmers Union National Council. MEP since 1994, British Conservative spokesman on agriculture and rural development and external relations in the outgoing Parliament.

SUMBERG David    North West.        b. 2.6.1941. Lawyer and director of the Parliamentary Forum and an insurance company. MP 1983-1997 working as parliamentary secretary for the Solicitor-General and the Attorney General.

TANNOCK Dr Charles    London.        b. 25.9.1957. A consultant psychiatrist, writer on health issues and local councillor.

VAN ORDEN Geoffrey    Eastern.        b. 10.4.1945. Currently a senior foreign policy adviser in the European Commission. Former army officer.

VILLIERS Theresa    London.        b 5.3.1968. A university lecturer and lawyer, also a research assistant in the UK Parliament.


*BALFE Richard    London.        b. 14.5.1944. A former civil servant, Director of the Co-operative Movement and local councillor. An MEP since 1979 he was a Quaestor and British Labour spokesperson on defence matters in the outgoing Parliament.

*BOWE David    Yorkshire and the Humber.        b. 19.7.1955. A former teacher and local councillor. An MEP since 1989 he was the British Labour spokesperson on the environment, public health and consumer protection in the outgoing Parliament.

CASHMAN Michael    West Midlands.        17.12.50. An actor and active in the actors' union. Best known for his role in the BBC soap "Eastenders". Also involved in the Inner City Challenge to support inner city areas of deprivation and in the gay rights movement.

*CORBETT Richard    Yorkshire and the Humber.          b. 6.1.1955. An official in the European Parliament. He specialises in institutional affairs and is the author of several books on European issues. MEP since 1996.


*DONNELLY Alan    North East.        b. 16.7.1957. Previously a trade union national finance manager and local councillor. An MEP since 1989 and current Leader of the British Labour Group. He specialises in economic affairs and monetary union. He is a Knight Commander of the Order of Merit of Germany following his report on German Unification.

*EVANS Robert    London.        b. 25.10. 1956. Former teacher. An MEP since 1994, he was British Labour spokesperson on education in the outgoing Parliament and is the Parliamentary Adviser to the National Union of Teachers and the League Against Cruel Sports.

*FORD Glyn    South West.        b. 28.1.1950. A former Senior University Research Fellow and local councillor. An MEP since 1984 he has specialised in monitoring and combatting racism. He was British Labour leader in the Parliament between 1989 and 1993.

GILL Neena        West Midlands.        b. 24.12.56. Chief Executive of a housing association and involved in the campaign against the problems of homelessness and unemployment. She is also an expert on European-wide finance.

*GREEN Pauline    London.          b. 8.12.1948. A former policewoman and also worked for the Cooperative Movement. An MEP since 1989 she was the Leader of the Socialist Group (PES) in the outgoing Parliament and is also Vice President of Socialist International.

*HOWITT Richard    Eastern.        b. 5.4.1961. Previously worked in community care for people with disabilities and was Leader of Harlow Council. An MEP since 1994, he was Vice President of the Regional Affairs Committee in the outgoing Parliament.

*HUGHES Stephen    North East.        b. 19.8.1952. Former local government officer and local councillor. An MEP since 1984 he was Chair of the Employment and Social Affairs Committee in the outgoing Parliament. He also chaired the All Party Intergroup on crime and social exclusion issues.

*KINNOCK Glenys    Wales.        b. 7.7.1944. Previously a teacher. An MEP since 1994, she specialises in development issues and was Vice-President of the Joint ACP-EU Parliamentary Assembly and the EU and the Development and Cooperation Committee in the outgoing Parliament. She is President and Co-Founder of One World Action.


*MARTIN David    Scotland.        b. 26.8.1954. Previously worked in accountancy and finance and was also a local councillor. An MEP since 1984 he was a Vice President of the European Parliament in the outgoing Parliament and the former leader of the British Labour Group.

*MCAVAN Linda    Yorkshire and the Humber.        b. 2.12.62. Previously a local government official and was also a European Officer in the Coalfields Community Campaign. An MEP since 1998 following a by-election.

*MCCARTHY Arlene    North West.        b. 10.10.1962. Formerly a local government officer and lecturer (Free University of Berlin). Also a researcher for the Socialist Group (PES) in Brussels. An MEP since 1989 she was British Labour spokesperson on Regional Policy and Funding, specialising in the Structural Funds in the outgoing Parliament.

*MCNALLY Eryl     Eastern.        b. 11.4.1942. Former teacher and schools inspector and Deputy Leader of Hertfordshire County Council. Vice President of the European Forum on Renewable Energy Sources. An MEP since 1994, she was the Deputy Leader of the British Labour Group in the outgoing Parliament.

*MILLER Bill    Scotland.        b. 22.7.1954. Previously worked as a chartered surveyor and was also a local councillor. An MEP since 1994 and specialises in economic, monetary and industrial affairs.

MORAES Claude    London.        b. 22.10.65. Director of the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants. He previously worked as an MP's researcher and for the Trade Union Congress.

*MORGAN Eluned    Wales.          b. 16.2.1967. Formerly a TV Researcher. MEP since 1994, she specialises in youth and education issues.

*MURPHY Simon    West Midlands.        b. 24.2.1962. Previously an MEP's research assistant and a university tutor. MEP since 1994 he was Vice President of the All Party Intergroup on animal welfare and conservation issues in the outgoing Parliament. Also specialises in economic and business issues.

O'TOOLE Mo    North East.        b. 24.2.60. A former local councillor and currently Head of Policy Promotion at the Local Government International Bureau. She has also been a lecturer and writer on the North East of England's economy.


*READ Mel        East Midlands.        b. 8.1.1939. Formerly a lecturer and an Employment Officer for a Community Relations Council. An MEP since 1989 she was chair of the British Labour Group and also the All Party Intergroup on public health issues in the outgoing Parliament.

*SIMPSON Brian    North West.        b. 6.2.1953. Previously a teacher and local councillor. An MEP since 1989, he was Socialist Group (PES) spokesperson on transport in the outgoing Parliament.

*SKINNER Peter    South East.          b. 1.6.1959. Fomerly a lecturer and author. An MEP since 1994, he was the British Labour spokesperson on employment and social affairs in the outgoing Parliament, specialising in health and safety issues.

TAYLOR Catherine    Scotland.        b. 30.7.73. MP's assistant and Labour Party activist and official, specialising in women's issues.

*TITLEY Gary    North West.        b. 19.1.1950. A former councillor and director of a regional enterprise board. An MEP since 1989. He was the Socialist Group (PES) spokesperson on foreign affairs in the outgoing Parliament and is European Parliamentary Private Secretary to the British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook.

*WATTS Mark    South East.        b. 11.6.1964. A former local government officer and local councillor, he was leader of the Labour Group on Maidstone Borough Council. British Labour spokesperson on transport and tourism issues, specialising in transport safety in the outgoing Parliament.

*WHITEHEAD Philip    East Midlands.        b. 30.5.1937. A writer and former television producer and journalist. He was an MP between 1970 and 1983 when he was a spokesperson on Higher Education and the Arts. An MEP since 1994, he chaired the All Party Intergroup on consumer affairs in the outgoing Parliament.

*WYNN Terry    North West.        b. 27.6.1946. Formerly a marine engineer in the Royal Navy and a local councillor. An MEP since 1989, he was a Socialist Group (PES) spokesperson on budgetary issues in the outgoing Parliament and has a particular interest in reform of the Common Agricultural Policy.



ATTWOOLL Elspeth    Scotland.        b. 1.2.1943. Formerly a university lecturer in law. Party political posts including current Presidency of Scottish Women Liberal Democrats.

CLEGG Nick    East Midlands.        b. 7.1.1967. Adviser to Vice President of the European Commission and previously a journalist and consultant on EU legislation

DAVIES Chris    North West.        b. 7.7.1954. Consultant and former local councillor. MP 1995-97.

DUFF Andrew    Eastern.        b. 25.12.1950. Director of the Federal Trust, a think tank on European integration. Writer on EU affairs and leader of the Liberal Democrat delegation to the European Liberal Party (ELDR).

HUHNE Chris    South East.        b. 2.7.1954. Economist and head of a team of economic analysts. Previously a journalist and was Financial Journalist of the Year in 1990.

**LUDFORD Baroness Sarah    London.        b. 14.3.1951. European Affairs Consultant, local councillor and lawyer. Previously an official of the European Commission. Member of the House of Lords since 1997.

LYNNE Liz        West Midlands.        b. 22.1.1948. Speech consultant. Previously an actress. MP 1992-97.

**NICHOLSON Baroness Emma    South East.        b. 16.10.1941. Chair of the Amar International Charitable Foundation which promotes understanding between European and Islamic civilisations. Liberal spokesperson in the House of Lords. A Conservative MP 1987-95 and one time Vice Chair of the Conservative Party.

WALLIS Diana    Yorkshire and the Humber.        b. 28.6.1954. Solicitor and part-time lecturer in European Business Law. Local councillor and Deputy Leader and Spokesperson on Economic Development in the Yorkshire East Riding Unitary Authority.

*WATSON Graham    South West.          b. 25.3.1956. Previously an interpreter and political adviser to the former Liberal Leader David Steel.. Founder member of the European Youth Forum and general secretary of the Liberal International's Youth movement. MEP since 1994.



FARAGE Nigel    South East.    Aged 35. Party chairman.

HOLMES Michael    South West.    Aged 61. Retired publisher.

TITFORD Jeffrey    Eastern.         Former undertaker.


LAMBERT Jean    London.        b. 1.6.1950. Teacher. Involved in campaigning for race equality and voting reform.

LUCAS Caroline    South East.        b. 9.12.1960. Policy adviser for Oxfam charity on trade and environment issues. Local councillor and specialist in trade and gender issues.


*HUDGHTON Ian    Scotland.        b. 19.9.1951. Former councillor and leader of Angus Council and prior to that ran a business. MEP since 1998 when he replaced the late Allan Macartney.

MACCORMICK Neil    Scotland b 27.5.1941. Professor of law at Edinburgh University since 1972 and legal expert on EU.


EVANS Jill        Wales.    b. May 1959.    Local councillor and party activist serving as national chair of the party between 1995- 97 and as alternate member of the Committee of the Regions.

WYN Eurig        Wales.          b 10.10.1944 Local councillor and current Plaid Cymru representative on the Committee of the Regions.



(*)**HUME John    Northern Ireland.        b.18.1.1937. Former teacher. Leader SDLP 1979. MP for Foyle since 1983, Northern Ireland Parliament 1969-73 and Northern Ireland Assembly 1973-75 and since 1998. Minister of Commerce, Northern Ireland, 1974. Nobel Peace Prize winner 1998. MEP since 1979.



(*)**PAISLEY The Rev Ian    Northern Ireland.        b.6.4.1926. Minister (Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster). Founder and Leader of Democratic Unionist Party since 1972. MP for North Antrim 1970-. Member Northern Ireland Parliament 1970- 1973 and Northern Ireland Assembly 1973-75 and since 1998. MEP since 1979.


*NICHOLSON Jim    Northern Ireland.        b. 29.1.1945. Farmer. Member Armagh District Council and Northern Ireland Assembly. MP Newry and Armagh 1983-87. MEP since 1989.

*current MEP
**dual mandate



KRISTDEMOKRATERNA (Christian Democrats)

SACRÉDEUS Lennart    b. 17.6.1957. Teacher. Local councillor and member of party executive since 1986. Active in church politics since 1985 and former member of church youth.

WIJKMAN Anders    b. 14.11.1944. Ambassador at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs since 1998; responsible for environmental and development policy questions. Member of national parliament 1971-1978. Secretary general of the Swedish Red Cross (1979-1988) and the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (1989-1991). Deputy secretary general of the UN (1995-1997).

NB. there are currently no Swedish MEPs who are also members of the national parliament although the dual mandate is possible.

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