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European Parliament: how to elect…
  1. The President of the European Parliament
    1 President
    A renewable term of
    two and a half years
    • Election Procedure:
      The candidate who obtains an absolute majority of the votes cast in a secret ballot is elected president. If an absolute majority cannot be obtained after three ballots, the fourth ballot will be confined to the two members who obtained the highest number of votes in the third ballot.
    • Duties :
      The President directs Parliament's activities, chairs plenary sittings and declares the budget finally adopted. The President represents Parliament in the outside world and in its relations with the other EU institutions.
    Vice presidents
    14 Vice Presidents
    They are 14 and shall be elected on a single ballot paper.
    Duties :
    When the president is absent, they can replace him or her in the EP. The president can also delegate duties to them, such as representing the Parliament at specific ceremonies or acts.
    • Sources: Rules of Procedure of the European Parliament
Martin Schulz
EP president
Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament Germany

Martin Schulz started his political career at 19 when he joined the Social Democratic Party of Germany. Aged 31, he was elected as the youngest mayor of North Rhine-Westphalia, a post he held for 11 years. Schulz has been an MEP since 1994 and was elected as group leader of the S&D group in 2004. He was elected president of the European Parliament on 17 January 2012 and on 1 July 2014 was re-elected for a further two and a half years. Schulz is the first ever EP president to be re-elected.


“Isn’t it rather that Europe turns away from the people?” This question from a Danish woman during a debate on why people turn away from Europe got Martin Schulz thinking for months. “This sentence really touched me," he told us a few months later in an interview. "Maybe it isn’t true, but we have to take this seriously, otherwise the European Union will fail.” (Read more: Martin Schulz: bringing Europe closer to the people)

MEPs re-elected Martin Schulz as President of the European Parliament on Tuesday morning for another two and a half year term. The 58-year old German MEP will lead Parliament until January 2017. He won 409 out of 612 valid votes cast in the first ballot. (Read more: Martin Schulz re-elected President of the European Parliament)

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