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Top Story - Passenger rights
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Air passenger rights - Parliament fight to improve existing rights

Citizens' rights 05-02-2014 - 17:28

Delayed or stranded air passengers would be likelier to win compensation, and airlines would get clear rules on how to deal with passenger complaints, under a draft law voted by Parliament at the first reading on Wednesday. (Read more: Parliament pushes for enforceable air passenger rights )

Travelling over the Christmas holidays can prove a real headache when ticket prices go north, temperatures go south and you go nowhere. Luckily, you enjoy rights under European legislation when your flight is delayed or cancelled. However, there is always room for improvement. On 17 December the Parliament's transport committee voted in favour of strengthening these rights. Read on to find out what the current situation is and how it could change. (Read more: How to keep your holiday cheer while travelling: find out your passenger rights)

Each year millions of Europeans travel in and outside the EU, using planes, trains, buses and boats. As passengers they have certain rights, but these are often little known or even ignored. On 23 October MEPs will vote in plenary on a proposal to strengthen them, especially carriers' obligation to inform passengers about their rights. (Read more: MEPs call for improvement of passenger rights)

Passenger rights are a great way to protect people travelling through Europe, but current legislation is far from perfect. Parliament is looking how to beef up rules on anything from compensation to helping customers from bankrupt airlines. Brian Simpson, chair of the EP's transport committee, discussed in a Facebook chat on 27 February what they would focus on: "We will be determined to close loopholes in the present legislation. The enforcement bodies have not been doing their job properly." (Read more: Passenger rights: "We are determined to close the loopholes in the present legislation")

The EU is constantly working to improve passenger rights and over the next few months the European Parliament will be working on improvements to rights for air travellers as well as voting on the railway package, which aims to open up national rail markets. Thursday 27 September is International Tourism Day so what better time to take a closer look at where people go on holiday. (Read more: Tourism in the EU)

Strengthening air passenger rights, increasing the capacity of Europe's airports and the quality of their services, introducing more competition to EU's rail sector, as well as new rules for pilots' flying hours will keep MEPs busy for the rest of their term or even longer. Find out more about Parliament's work concerning travel–related issues in this feature. (Read more: Making travellers’ lives easier)

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