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The leadership of the European Parliament - EP bureau 2014-2017

Institutions 02-07-2014 - 16:51 / Updated: 31-10-2014 - 11:36

MEPs elect the European Parliament's president, vice-presidents and quaestors at the beginning and middle of each parliamentary term. Check out our series of articles, infographics and videos to learn more about the key posts in the European Parliament’s 8th term, their holders in the next two and hal years and the election process. (Read more: The bureau: meet the people in charge of the 8th European Parliament)

MEPs re-elected Martin Schulz as President of the European Parliament on Tuesday morning for another two and a half year term. The 58-year old German MEP will lead Parliament until January 2017. He won 409 out of 612 valid votes cast in the first ballot. (Read more: Martin Schulz re-elected President of the European Parliament)

On Tuesday afternoon, all 14 European Parliament Vice-Presidents were elected in three rounds of voting. Six Vice-Presidents were elected in the first ballot, three in the second and the remaining five by a relative majority in the third. (Read more: Fourteen Vice-Presidents of the European Parliament elected)

Before the newly elected Parliament's members casted their votes by secret ballot on Tuesday, 1 July to designate the new President of the House for a two year and a half year term, the four candidates each made a short statement. (Read more: Four candidates for the EP President's seat)

On Wednesday afternoon, Parliament elected five Quaestors, Members of Parliament who deal with administrative matters directly affecting MEPs themselves. (Read more: Five Quaestors elected)

The Parliament's key post will be decided on 1 and 2 July when MEPs elect the president, vice-presidents and quaestors. Check out our infographic for more information about the elections procedures and follow it live on our website. (Read more: How the EP president and vice-presidents get elected)

The new Parliament will kick off its next term with the election of the president, 14 vice-presidents and five quaestors during the first plenary session on 1-3 July. Find out more about what they do, who is eligible to stand and how they are elected by reading our Q&A. (Read more: All you need to know about the election of the next EP president)

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Martin Schulz re-elected Parliament President

A first for Parliament as incumbent president Martin Schulz was re-elected by a vast majority. He highlighted youth unemployment, the US trade deal and migration as his top priorities. (1 July 2014)

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