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Contributions to Parliamentary Associations


In accordance with the Rules governing financial contributions to parliamentary associations (budget items 4400 and 4420), the European Parliament is required to publish certain information concerning appropriations entered in budget Items 4400 (Cost of meetings and other activities of former Members) and 4420 (Cost of meetings and other activities of the European Parliamentary Association). Those appropriations are intended to cover associations eligible operating expenditure and expenditure on activities relating to European Union policy.

Association’s name and address:

European Parliament Former Members Association, European Parliament, Rue Wiertz 60, B-1047 Brussels

Purpose of the funding:

Fostering relations between former and current Members of the Parliament by establishing and using information network, by giving former Members opportunities to meet, providing them with a forum for meetings, discussions and cultural, scientific and social events and by promoting contacts between similar organisations in Europe.

Technical assistance provided by Parliament:
  • Language facilities which include interpretation in a maximum of five official languages of the Union for half-day meetings on Parliament premises and translation of brochures, articles for the website and the Bulletin, papers for meetings, invitations, administrative texts and minutes of proceedings.
  • Provision of facilities like meeting rooms, the Members’ Restaurant twice a year, a permanent ‘bureau de passage’ for former Members in Brussels and Strasbourg, plus three offices in Brussels for the Association staff members, together with office equipment, photocopiers, computers, telephones and appropriate access badges.
Amount awarded and the proportion of the Association’s total operating budget covered by the funding:

2008 €130.000 99,30%
2009 €170.000 99,41%
2010 €170.000 99,95%
2011 €200.000 99,90%
2012 €200.000 99,99%

Association name and address:

European Parliamentary Association, 76 allée de la Robertsau, F- 67000 Strasbourg

Purpose of the funding:

Acting as a forum - by organising talks, information evenings and cultural events - for Members of Parliament and of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to establish contacts in a friendly atmosphere in order to maintain a personal and working relationship with each other and with representatives of public life. Cooperation with the European Parliament in carrying out activities or actions of a European character.

Technical assistance provided by Parliament:

Three access badges.

Amount awarded and the proportion of the Association’s total operating budget covered by the funding:

2008 €121.300 100%
2009 €140.000 98,66%
2010 €140.000 96,51%
2011 €140.000 100%
2012 €160.000 100%