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Informazioni generali sulle sovvenzioni concesse

Il regolamento finanziario applicabile al bilancio generale dell'Unione europea stabilisce, fra i principi di esecuzione del bilancio, quello della trasparenza, che ricorre in tutto il regolamento finanziario e le relative modalità di esecuzione in varie disposizioni che garantiscono una pubblicità adeguata (ex-ante e/o ex-post) dell'esecuzione del bilancio.

Per quanto concerne le sovvenzioni, la pubblicità è definita all'articolo 128 del regolamento finanziario, che prevede sia una pubblicazione ex-ante del programma annuale e degli inviti a presentare proposte sia una pubblicazione ex-post delle sovvenzioni concesse durante l'esercizio. A tale proposito, è utile ricordare che una sovvenzione è "concessa" in presenza di un primo impegno giuridico, vale a dire quando la prima convenzione è stata firmata.

Directorate-General for Logistics and Interpretation for Conferences – financial support for training in conference interpreting

The European Parliament's interpreting service can provide financial assistance in the form of grants for actions related to conference interpreter training. The aim of the grants programme is to help educate new generations of qualified conference interpreters in order to address existing shortages for some languages, to prepare for the future accession of candidate countries, and to maintain a high standard of interpreting in the European Union's official languages and the languages of its main political partners.

A call for proposals is launched once a year, usually in the first quarter of the year, detailing the conditions, grants selection criteria and timetable for the selection and award procedure.

Please check this website for updates concerning future calls for proposals.

Directorate General for Communication – Financial support for communication actions (media and events)

DG Communication has adopted a multi-annual work programme for grants in the area of communication covering the period 2016-2019. This multi-annual work programme for grants is implemented through calls for proposals published on this website. Applicants shall apply for funding following the requirements set out in the calls for proposals.

Questions of clarification may be sent by e-mail to:

Multi-annual work programme for grants in the area of communication
Multi-annual partnership 2016-2019 – Media

Questions and answers (v1 of 16.4.2018)

The application deadline for the 2nd round of partnership is 20 August 2018, midnight (CET).

Partners (i.e. organisations having successfully applied for partnership under this call for proposals in 2016 and 2017) have been selected for the whole duration of the multi-annual work programme for grants. Therefore they should not apply again for partnership. However, they may apply for a grant under the forthcoming specific call for proposals in the media category (see further down on the page).

Organisations having submitted a partnership application, which was rejected under this call for proposals in 2016, and/or in 2017, and/or in 2018 (1st round of partnerships) are allowed to submit a new partnership application under the current call.

Grants – Media – 2nd round
  • 2.1. Grant application form en
  • 2.1.1 Declaration of honour en
  • 2.1.2. Checklist for applicants en
  • 2.2. Model specific grant agreement en
  • 2.3. List of key indicators for project proposals and reporting en
  • 2.4.1. Financial identification Form for private entities en
  • 2.4.2.Financial identification Form for public entities en

Questions and answers (v1 of 14.8.2018) New

The application deadline has been extended to Monday 15 October 2018 12:00 (CET - midday).

Only successful partnership applicants (organisations selected as partners in the previous calls for proposals for partnership) or organisations having submitted a partnership application in the call for proposal 2018 second round may apply for funding using their partnership ID number.

Grants 2018 - Events
  • 3.1. Grant application form (events) en
  • 3.1.1. Declaration of honour en
  • 3.1.2. Checklist for applicants en
  • 3.2. Model grant agreement (for information only, not to be signed and submitted together with the application) en
  • 3.3. List of key performance indicators for project proposal and reporting en
  • 4.1. Financial identification form_private entity en
  • 4.2. Financial identification form_public entity en

Questions and answers (v1 of 14.8.2018) New

The application deadline for the call for proposals is 17 September 2018, midnight (CET).

Ex post publication

Under the Financial Regulation applicable to the general budget of the European Union, the award of grants is governed by the principle of transparency, which means inter alia that there must be ex post publication.

Articles 21 and 191 of the Rules of Application for grants stipulate that ‘All grants awarded in the course of a financial year, except scholarships paid to natural persons, shall be published’ on ‘the internet site of the Community institution concerned during the first half of the year following the closure of the budget year in respect of which they were awarded.’

Parliament is also obliged - in order to comply with personal data protection legislation (Article 35 of the Financial Regulation and Article 21 of the Rules of Application) - to limit the information which is published on grants. Information on grants awarded over the last two years will be published on the website. Older figures will be accessible upon request from the relevant directorates-general, with due regard for Regulation 45/2001/EC (see legal opinion on this website).