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Committee on International Trade

INTACommittee meeting -14:05 / 17:23 - 09-11-2016
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  • Wed, 9 Nov 2016 09:00 - 11:30
    • 1.0 Adoption of agenda
    • 2.0 Approval of minutes of meeting of: (PE589.284)
    • 3.0 Chair’s announcements
    • 4.0 (INTA/8/02083) State of play of ongoing trilogue negotiations
    • 5.0 (INTA/8/07718) Ad hoc delegation to Buenos Aires, Argentina, 31 October - 4 November 2016
    • 6.0 (INTA/8/08059) Agreement in the form of an Exchange of Letters between the European Union and the Federative Republic of Brazil pursuant to Article XXIV:6 and Article XXVIII of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) 1994 relating to the modification of concessions in the schedule of the Republic of Croatia in the course of its accession to the European Union
    • 7.0 (INTA/8/07717) Mission to Valencia and Alicante, Spain, 10-11 October 2016
    • 8.0 (INTA/8/07739) Palm oil and deforestation of rainforests
    • 9.0 (INTA/8/07813) An integrated European Union policy for the Arctic
    • 10.0 Presentation of a study "EU trade policy and the wildlife trade"
  • Wed, 9 Nov 2016 11:30 - 12:30
    • 11.0 Coordinators’ meeting
  • Wed, 9 Nov 2016 14:00 - 17:30
    • Public hearing
    • 12.0 (INTA/8/07714) Trade Policy Day
  • Thu, 10 Nov 2016 09:00 - 12:30
    • 13.0 (INTA/8/07273) Certain procedures for applying the Stabilisation and Association Agreement between the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community, of the one part, and Kosovo* of the other part
    • 14.0 (INTA/8/03712) Towards a new trade framework between the EU and Turkey to enhance bilateral trade relations and modernise the Customs Union
    • *** Electronic vote *** At 10.00
    • 15.0 (INTA/8/06970) Macro-financial assistance to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
    • 16.0 (INTA/8/07728) Extension of the provisions of the EC-Uzbekistan Partnership and Cooperation Agreement to bilateral trade in textiles
    • 17.0 (INTA/8/00055) Extension of the provisions of the EC-Uzbekistan Partnership and Cooperation Agreement to bilateral trade in textiles
    • 18.0 (INTA/8/00023) Stepping Stone Economic Partnership Agreement between the EC and Ghana
    • 19.0 (INTA/8/06716) Annual Report on EU Competition Policy
    • 20.0 (INTA/8/06710) Annual Report on the Financial Activities of the European Investment Bank
    • 21.0 (INTA/8/06318) The implementation of the European Fund for Strategic Investments
    • *** End of electronic vote ***
    • 22.0 (INTA/8/01441) Monitoring Groups Activities
    • 23.0 (INTA/8/07056) Conclusion of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between Canada of the one part, and the European Union and its Member States, of the other part
    • 24.0 Any other business
    • 25.0 Next meetings (INTA(2016)1128_1) Mon, 28 Nov 2016
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