Euronest Committees

Eurnoest has four standing parliamentary committees:
  • Committee on Political Affairs, Human Rights and Democracy;
  • Committee on Economic Integration, Legal Approximation and Convergence with EU Policies;
  • Committee on Energy Security;
  • Committee on Social Affairs, Employment, Education, Culture and Civil Society.
The remit of the Assembly's four standing committees mirrors the four platforms of inter-governmental cooperation established for the Eastern Partnership multi-lateral track.

Each standing committee is composed of 30 members, half of whom come from the European Parliament component and half from the Eastern Partners' component.

Each committee meets twice per year, possibly jointly with another committee.

Committees look into all matters of competence of the Euronest PA, organise debates with experts or institutional speakers and draw up reports, which usually contain motions for resolutions. Once the reports are adopted by the standing committees, motions for resolutions are forwarded to the Euronest PA, in its plenary setting, for consideration and possible adoption.

The committees' responsibilities are defined in the rules of procedure.

N.B.: Translations of the updated rules will be published on this page as soon as they are available.

Rules of Procedure of the EURONEST Parliamentary Assembly standing committees