Co-Presidents of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly

Euronest has two Co-Presidents: one from the European Parliament and one from an Eastern Partnership country.

The two Co-Presidents have equal status within the assembly. However, their electoral procedures and terms of office are decided by each component of the Assembly separately.

The Co-Presidents call the meetings of the Bureau, prepare the Bureau's agenda and convene the Euronest PA plenary sessions, which they also chair in turn.

Boris Tarasyuk

On 12 December 2018, Mr Borys Tarasyuk (Ukraine) was acclaimed new Co-President for the Eastern component of the Euronest PA.

Rebecca Harms

On 2 February 2017, Ms Rebecca Harms (Greens, Germany) was acclaimed new Co-President for the European Parliament component of the Euronest PA.


The Bureau consists of the two Co-Presidents and a number of Vice-Presidents (currently eight), half of whom come from the European Parliament and half from the Eastern component.

The Bureau is responsible for coordinating the work of the Euronest PA, monitoring its activities and establishing relations with the Eastern Partnership instance sand authorities.

The Bureau represents the Assembly and can invite representatives of other Institutions and observers to take part in Euronest meetings.

It draws up the draft agenda of the plenary and lays down procedures to ensure the sessions run smoothly.

The Bureau meets, on average, three times per year.

It adopts its decisions by a two-thirds majority.

Press statements

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