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When and where - When and where is the EYE taking place?

EYE2020 takes place on 29 and 30 May 2020 at the European Parliament's seat in Strasbourg, France. Activities will take place on both days between 9am and 6pm. Please note that evening activities (concerts and parties) will also be held in the city. For more information, check the 'Programme' section.

Accommodation - Where can I sleep?

There are many options depending on your budget. Check out our "Practical details" section.

Activities: booking - When can I book the activities I want to take part in?

All duly registered participants will be notified of the opening date for booking activities (Spring 2020).

Age-specific activities - Are there activities for specific age ranges?

No, but when selecting activities it is best to pay attention to their description and the format. The description will give you an indication of the level at which a topic will be discussed. From the format you will see whether it is a panel with speakers or an activity at which more interaction/feedback/involvement is expected from all participants.

Alcohol - Will alcoholic drinks be served during the event?

No alcoholic drinks will be served inside the European Parliament building.

Costs - Is there any fee to attend the event?

Participation at EYE2020 is free, but participants will need to cover their own costs for transport, accommodation and meals.

Duration of the event - Do I have to attend both days?

It is not compulsory to attend both days. Based on the activities booked, you can choose how many days you want to participate.

Dress code - Is there a dress code for the event?

There is no dress code. Just please make sure that when you enter the Parliament building you are not wearing objects or clothing displaying political statements or overt commercial identification intended for 'ambush' marketing. If so, you may be refused entry.

Food inside - Will I be able to bring my own food and drinks onto the European Parliament premises?

Yes, but alcoholic beverages are not allowed inside the European Parliament Building.

Food and refreshments - Can I purchase food and drinks?

Food and refreshments will be available both inside and outside the Parliament building. More details (menus and prices) will be published on our 'Practical details' page.

Group leaders - Who is a group leader?

Every group needs to have a group leader, who will take responsibility for the group's registration process and accreditation. If there are minors in a group, the group leader will have full responsibility for them. Group leaders need to be at least 18 years old as of 28 May 2020 and can be older than 30.

Individual participants - I would like to register as an individual participant: what can I do?

Due to the specific nature of the activities and for logistical reasons, only group registrations can be accepted. You can thus only participate by forming or being part of a group.

Languages - In which languages will EYE activities take place?

English, French and German interpretation will be available for a number of activities. Select activities will be interpreted in more languages and some even in all official EU languages. More information about interpretation will be available in the programme.

Meet other participants - How can I connect with other participants?

Before the event, you can connect with other participants through the EYE social media channels. During the event, there will be activities specifically designed to facilitate meeting other participants.

Organiser of the event - What is the European Parliament's involvement in organising the event?

The EYE is organised directly by the European Parliament in collaboration with a number of partners. Check out the 'partners' page to find more information on this.

Outcome - What will be the follow-up to the EYE?

A team of young reporters will draft a comprehensive report containing the most interesting and concrete ideas developed at the EYE and before the EYE at the www.europeanyouthideas.eu. The report will be distributed to MEPs and other decision-makers and will provide an overview of what action young people would like to see in various policy areas. The aim of the report is to serve. for MEPs and to provide them with a clear view of young people's concerns, dreams and visions for the future. The EYE Report ties the event to the follow-up EYE hearings in the relevant parliamentary committees, where the most inspiring and interesting ideas are discussed directly with MEPs, serving as a source of inspiration for their future legislative work.

Parliament visit - Will I have the chance to visit the Parliament during the event?

You will have access to the areas of the Parliament dedicated to the event. This includes the regular visitors' areas as well as the main meeting rooms of parliamentary activity, including the Hemicycle . No guided visits will be organised.

Participants - Who can register as participants?

All young people, aged between 16 and 30 years old (as of 28May 2020), registered as a group of at least 10 people, from any EU Member State and beyond, with no restriction on nationality or residency, can participate.
The European Parliament reserves the right to reject group registrations in order to preserve geographical balance.
Group registrations are accepted on a first come first served basis. Groups can only be registered by the group leader, who must be at least 18 (and may be older than 30) as of 28 May 2020. For detailed information, check the "Take part!" section.

Pictures and videos of me - What if I don't want to be in pictures or videos?

Please be aware that EYE2020 will be covered by filming crews and photographers. By taking part inthe event, you are giving your consent to and authorize the European Parliament, the right to film, photograph, and to make sound recordings of you, and to use this media for promotional purposes. Please note that the European Parliament has no control over the use and distribution of the video footage and photographs captured by individual participants.

Registration - What is the registration process?

Once the group leader has registered the group, the application will be assessed and the group leader will be notified of the decision. The European Parliament reserves the right to reject group registrations in order to preserve the geographical balance of participants at EYE2020.
If the application is approved, the group leader will then ask the remaining group members to register. All remaining group members are required to log their personal details on the registration website before the deadline.
The group leader will ensure that all participants are correctly registered by 29/02 and the group has the minimum number required of10 members. If the group is composed of less than 10 people, the registration might be cancelled.
For detailed information check the "Take part!" section. 

Security - What security measures will be in place at the event?

Several security checks will be organised to allow access to the Welcome and Accreditation Centre, the Yo!Fest as well as to the Parliament buildings. Security agents will be present on the premises, prepared to react quickly when required. More detailed information will follow closer to the event.

Speakers - What kind of speakers will address the event?

The EYE will invite mostly young, inspiring thinkers, political decision-makers and key figures from the fields of business, research, culture and civil society. Stay tuned to our 'Programme' page for more details.

Target group - Does the EYE target a specific group of young people?

The EYE aims to involve young people from a variety of backgrounds. Whether you are at school, at university or on the job market, a member of a youth organisation or just a group of friends, your participation in the event will be of great value.

Transport in STR - How can I best move around in Strasbourg?

The best option is to use public transport. Participants will be able to purchase a discounted tram ticket for travel around the city and to reach the Parliament. More information on transportation can be found in the 'Practical details' section.

Transport to STR - How should I travel to Strasbourg?

Strasbourg is connected to the European rail and road system. It also has an international airport and is not very far from other international airports in Paris, Frankfurt, Baden-Baden and Basel. More info can be found in the 'Practical details' section.

Visa - I need a visa; can you provide me with an official invitation?

Yes, you will obtain more information once your registration is confirmed.

Weather - What is the weather like in Strasbourg in May?

The average high temperature during May in Strasbourg is 22° and the average low is 9°. Although the event happens very close to the summer season, it is advisable to bring your umbrella!

Wi-Fi - Will there be free access to Wi-Fi?

You will have free Wi-Fi access on the premises of the event.

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