The EYE Team

Team in charge of the EYE2018
For the third edition of the European Youth Event in Strasbourg, the European Parliament is once again seeking to build a platform for regular and continuous dialogue between young people and key European decision makers. A dedicated EYE team will serve as the main point of contact for young people within the Parliament buildings, and is responsible for planning, organising and follow-up to the event.

Our team is not only truly European - the nationalities of our 10 members span 9 different EU countries - we are also relatively young, with an average age of 38, and most importantly, youthful in spirit and in outlook. We are passionate about creating new opportunities for young people to get involved and play an active role in setting the agenda on the European stage, and witnessing young people in action at EYE2014 and EYE2016 only served to galvanise us in our quest.

So what do we do? We design the EYE programme, suggest potential speakers, negotiate with EYE partners, prepare and manage the registration procedure, take care of logistics, and facilitate contact between those taking part. We communicate with the participants and the general public as openly as possible - before, during and after the event.

At the same time, with 8,000 participants, more than 300 speakers, around 200 activities and so much more besides, making an event the size of the EYE happen would not be possible without the efficient cooperation of most European Parliament services. These services - accreditation, indoor logistics, interpreting - are absolutely crucial if the event is to run smoothly, not to mention the willingness of MEPs to see an event of this significance organised and to take part in person. With so many stakeholders involved, the EYE truly is an all-encompassing Parliament project.

Got a proposal for the next EYE?

We always welcome new partnerships and contributions! Feel free to drop us an email, preferably writing in one of the three languages of the event: English, French or German. We will get back to you as soon as we can.