What is the European Youth Event (EYE2018)?

The EYE2018 takes place on 1-2 June 2018 in the European Parliament's seat in Strasbourg. It is a unique opportunity for young Europeans to make their voices heard.

During the event, they will:

  • Come up with ideas for the future of Europe
  • Discuss with European decision makers
  • Join more than 8,000 young people from all over Europe

Follow-up to the event:

  • July 2018: a report featuring the most concrete ideas discussed during the event will be distributed to all Members of the European Parliament (MEPs).
  • Autumn 2018: some participants will present the most developed ideas from the report to a number of parliamentary committees and get feedback from MEPs.

The EYE2018: a real life and digital experience

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The aim of the EYE2018 is to combine the life experience of actively debating the world's issues with the possibility for online, digital interaction. In order to achieve this, the event is offering a number of digital solutions, both to those at the event and those who were not able to make it.


Introducing the EYE2018 mobile app

The EYE2018 is rich with activities, performances, speakers and much more. The aim of the EYE2018 App is to make it easier for everyone to grasp the whole event and to help enjoy their participation.

Giving youth a voice: The EYE Reporters

Young journalist writing
The EYE2018 is all about gathering youth ideas together, but how are they gathered and what happens to them afterwards? Read on to find out more.

Youth shaping the programme

Young people in a stand at the EYE2016
Just as for every edition of the EYE, the inclusion of youth-organised activities at EYE2018 was high on the priority list for the European Parliament.

EYE2018 Mobile Application

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EYE programme
Discover the programme.

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Do you need to contact us?

Be sure to check our FAQ section first. If you can't find what you were looking for, then feel free to send us an email, preferably writing in one of the three languages of the event: English, French or German. We will get back to you as soon as we can!